An Amazing Opportunity…thank you Lord!

IMG_3448Connie and I are continually humbled and amazed at how God allows us to have a small part in his work.  The Lord is always in the process of putting together a beautiful quilt work of time, talents, people, resources….  When I was working with Hands of Hope Northwest as the Executive Director, the HOHNW team was sending containers of hope all over the world.  To-date, I hadn’t been on the receiving end of a container.  That changed this month!

This last year a need was presented to me here in the Philippines by a Christian Birthing Center.  My immediate thought was, “Hands of Hope NW could make a difference here.”  Even though we were no longer officially connected to the organization, once you are a part of Hands of Hope, a piece of your heart will always remain.

We contacted Debbie Wheeler, the new Executive Director, and the rest is history.  God did amazing things from funding to customs to items on the container that literally arrived the day they were needed.  Our God is so very good!  Enjoy this short video of the celebration of the container arriving!

8 thoughts on “An Amazing Opportunity…thank you Lord!”

  1. Amen, it amazing how Awesome our God is praying for you guys and hope that you have a very Happy Thanksgiving, God Bless you all


  2. This is wonderful news! God is amazing! So happy and thankful that so many women and children will be helped..truly a life changing event for some! Thanks so much for sharing!


  3. Todd, you are a good writer,. I always enjoy reading the emails that you send. Today’s email was a blessed reminder that God does answer prayer.


    1. Ruth,
      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. We have so appreciated the following and prayers of our newly found family in W. Texas! Enjoyed our time together at WF! Have a blessed Thanksgiving.


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