Listen & Silent…Use the same letters…

I read the above statement this week and it really caused me to reflect. It was in combination with a devotional thought taken from Isaiah.

Behold, I will do something new, now it will spring forth; will you not be aware of it?

Isaiah 41:19 (NASB)

And in just a few hours from now the sun will rise and 2020 will spring forth here in the South Pacific. A new year will be underway. New visions, new projects, new plans, new expectations. But whose will they be? Ours or the Lord’s?

The reason we are here, to help New Guineans understand what Christ did for them on the cross!

I’m praying that this new year we can become SILENT before the Lord so that we can really LISTEN! “We have been conditioned by the religious, cultural, and social values of our time. Attitudes, reactions, goals and thought patterns have been inadvertently ingrained into the fiber of our natures.” – L.J. Ogilvie. It’s time for us to submit to Christ’s scrutinizing renovation and it means that we must spend time listening! May each of us be listening and discerning His voice as we enter into this New Year.

Connie and I want to thank you for your continued prayers, encouragement, support and partnership over this past year. God’s hand of protection has been on our team in countless ways.

  • Five times in December, unknown individuals gained entry under the cover of darkness, and in plain daylight, to steal property from one of our residential compounds, but there were no injuries. Praise God!
  • On 22 December, I (Todd) was out for a bike ride, getting some exercise and meeting and greeting people in the community. Within just five minutes from home a man (for reasons we’ll probably never know) tackled me off my bike and then attempted to hit me in the head with a rock. But God was there and the man fled into the crowd. The Lord’s hand of protection was there, only a sprained wrist and knee…again… it could have been much worse.

Please commit to continue praying for us and the team here in PNG in 2020.

Please Pray For…

  • Safety and protection of our team.
  • Favor with the government as we seek work permits for various new team members.
  • Those the Lord is calling, that they would be sensitive to the call.. Pilots, Engineers, Finance Professionals, Information Technology Professionals, and others who are desperately needed for the ministry here. Click here for International Job Vacancies in Papua New Guinea.
  • Vision, that we would be able to discern who the Lord would have us partner with and which communities of the hundreds with airstrips, all with needs, that are on His agenda for this year.
  • Our Hearts, that we would continue to see the people around us as the Lord sees them. Sometimes it’s so easy to just look at the ones who are challenged by addictions or with propensity to violence and to become “compassion fatigued”. Pray that our hearts would not be hardened.

We do believe as Isaiah proclaimed, that the Lord is going to do something new in 2020! We want to be Listening so that we can discern what it is and how we are to respond!

Yours and His for the harvest,

Todd & Connie Lou

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8 thoughts on “Listen & Silent…Use the same letters…”

  1. Hello sir todd and mom connie,
    Thank you for this message. Wishing you a great year this 2020. Glad you guys are safe. We miss and love you.

    Lenmark and helene


    1. Dear Lenmark and Helene,

      Miss kita! Thank you for the comment and wishes for 2020 – we pray that as you step into this new year that you would continue to see God move on your behalf! That you would see answered prayers and divine appointments!

      Much love to you two and the team there!
      Connie Lou – for Todd too 🙂


  2. Happy New Year. We love keeping in contact with you. We pray for you every day or your night for your protection and what is needed . Love to you both. Ray and Marilyn Willard.


    1. Dear Ray and Marilyn,

      We are so grateful for you continued prayers all these years! Such fond memories of you two with us in Africa! How the Lord has provided for all of our lives over the years!

      We pray that 2020 will bring you abundant answered prayers as you pray for all your missionaries along with family and friends! May you see His divine appointments as you seek to follow Him in all you do!

      Together for Him,
      Connie Lou


  3. Prayers for you both from Ridgecrest, CA. I pray frequently for you as I glance at your pictures on my fridge. I always pray for your safety but will pray for these other items too. Thanks for letting us know your needs! May God continue to bless you in 2020 and expand the work you’ve begun. Please let me know when you’re going to be in the area again. We would love to have you visit. As the newish(just this summer) NMI president, I would be happy to make arrangements for your stay.


    1. Beth,

      Congratulations on the newish post to NMI President! I know you will be amazing – as you seek to keep missions before your church – and speaking of churches – we love Ridgecrest! When we are home again – probably not till 2021, we will be sure to let you know our schedule and availability!

      May you continue to see answered prayers as you begin 2020 – and see those God ordained appointments as well, as God places people in your path for His good work!

      Together for Him,
      Connie Lou & Todd


  4. Such good reminders Todd! Thank you. Wow, I’m so glad God has been protecting you and keeping you through the unexpected events of December. Praying for you in the New Year.


    1. Hi Beth,
      Yes, God has been protecting and keeping us through all the ups and downs! We do so appreciate your prayers! Hope to see you next time we are in the US since it didn’t work out last time.

      Together for Him,
      Connie Lou


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