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As I sit in my tiny studio flat on this the 3rd day of self-isolation, I reflect back on our lives in ministry/missions across the globe.  This was prompted by a fb post I saw from one of the younger brothers of our twin sons who just lost his newborn baby. 

As I mourn with Louis and think about his loss and the way he became “one of my boys” and how many people there are across the world that are so precious to me it causes my heart to overflow with gratitude for all the amazing people God has placed in my life! 

I also am reflecting on different situations that we have lived through, such as the devastating Hemorrhagic Dengue Fever outbreak in the islands (flu like symptoms resulting in death within 24 hours of onset) where Todd was flying to the places and bringing these patients back with at that time, an unknown illness that we assumed might take his life as well and yet we knew God had called us there to help as best as we could.  And we trusted Him for the outcome

Then my mind drifted to the war in West Africa when 3 moms and 11 kids were evacuated to South Africa leaving all the Dads in the civil war zone to wind things up for the mission and houses, and then attempt to get out if they could…. The longest 3 weeks of my life as we waited, hoping to hear anything we could from the men…..trying to keep the homeschooling going with all 4 of our kids in our tiny apartment with the kids all sleeping on thin foam mats spread across the tiny living room. And how we as a family had a pow-wow and decided that we would do what we could to help the other two families, so the girls would go and wash dishes for the other families, or volunteer to feed the baby breakfast, and the boys would help babysit so I could take the other gals out for coffee to de-stress and have some adult conversations, and also have a safe place to voice their fears and then pray together.  Our kids look back on that time with fond memories because they didn’t just sit and feel sorry for themselves, they concentrated on others and they thrived through that time.  (yes there is still some ptsd from it all but the overall memories are good ones for our family)

Then my mind drifted to the Super Typhoon in the central Philippines where Todd was going down into the middle of the disaster zone repeatedly for over a month to assist with assessing the needs and relief efforts.  The World Mission Communication (WMC) team and I worked long hours, several times we would go home from the office well after midnight as we attempted to keep the global church informed of the situation, calling for prayer and also assistance to help the people with relief supplies and to rebuild.  And yet God….. gave us the strength we needed, the wisdom and insight and abilities throughout it all.

Now we are dealing with a global pandemic with Covid 19.  I am in the US in isolation, trying to keep in contact with our friends and team spread across the world now, and Todd is in the Highlands of PNG helping to lead and encourage our team still there in country. 

I am seeing a trend here…..being separated from my wonderful husband with each of us focusing on helping those that God has placed us with……

This morning about 5am Idaho time, and 9pm Mount Hagen time, as Todd had just come home from a long day at work, we were able to talk on the phone.  I was greatly encouraged by the sound of his voice and the things he told me about, and asked me about (how to make the dog food, ratios of water to veggies and rice etc…) and how normal it felt.

Since being in isolation, I have had a few distance visitors come see me.  What joy it brings to my heart to see family and visit in person rather just by facetime.  I have yet to be bored!  Working with the team across the world on several different projects and with issues that have come up, doing my best to be a support and encouragement.  I have some plans to work on organizing my photos etc… but have not had a chance to work on that yet.  However, I am only on day 3 of isolation, so I still have time. Haha

I pray that each one who reads this would see the opportunities to encourage and bless those around you as you have more than normal time on your hands no matter what your situation is, with the restrictions and closures of so many schools, businesses and churches.  Look for ways to be a blessing to others – you will be blessed in your efforts and you will be given what you need, strength, energy, wisdom and insights, to do so!

Your prayers are still very much needed and appreciated,

Connie Lou (and Todd too)

9 thoughts on “all about focus”

  1. Thank you for the update.  Yes, God can use us wherever and whenever when we put ourselves in His hands! Barbara from Altadena, CA.


  2. Thank you Connie for these great reminders that this is not the first devastating situation people have faced, and it will not be the last. The difference lies in how we respond to the challenges and fears. You and Todd have been and are terrific examples of responding with the heart of Christ. I’m praying for you in your time of isolation. You certainly are making the most of it!


  3. It was great to hear from you, Connie. Glad you are staying well so far, and thank you for reminding us that this is not the first or only time that there have been dangers and upsets in our lives. We have certainly not experienced anything like the experiences you remembered in your years of ministry, but our faith is strengthened by your story. Thank you for sharing your memories. We had hoped to see you soon, but for sure want to get together when you can be out and about and are in our area.

    I assume your surgery has been postponed. Del was to have had a day surgery next week for a pinched nerve in his low back, but it was canceled this week. We will be praying for you as you wait and have to be separated from Todd and all the PNG work, and we pray for him as well.

    Love you, Joanne and Del

    On Fri, Mar 20, 2020 at 8:59 AM Todd & Connie Lou…from Papua New Guinea…to you! wrote:

    > connieloua posted: ” As I sit in my tiny studio flat on this the 3rd day > of self-isolation, I reflect back on our lives in ministry/missions across > the globe. This was prompted by a fb post I saw from one of the younger > brothers of our twin sons who just lost his newbor” >


    1. Dear Joanne and Del, Thank you for the comment and I am sorry to not see you yet – but look forward to when we all can go about freely! But in the mean time, let us all count our blessings – you two are a blessing to us and we so appreciate your love and support over the years! Thank you!
      Connie Lou


  4. I cannot tell you how much you encourage me during this time with all you and Todd have been through.  He is a loving and caring Father and He blesses each one of us that is particular to us that only He knows.   GOD bless you and the work He’s doing through you two and others on this planet and may every one of us follow your example to always put our lives in His hands no matter what, no matter what.  Thank you


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