Lord Willing, I will see him tonight!

????????Lord Willing, I will see you in a few days…….  My grandmother used to tag that “Lord Willing” on to things she said quite often.  I never really understood it fully until now.  I knew about God’s will for our lives and The Lord’s Prayer…. Thy Will be done….. but it never really hit home until recently. 

Todd and I have been missionaries for a good part of our 25 year of marriage.  We have been through hemorrhagic Dengue Fever outbreaks in the Islands of the Pacific, civil wars in Africa, and all sorts of experiences that have given me a deeper understanding of the Will of God.  But this time is different.

We now live on the outskirts of Manila in the Philippines.  Not the place I chose to live, but God had this all planned out.  Shortly after we arrived, the disasters started.  Well, I should say that this area has always had Typhoons and such, but the disasters that have happened since we arrived have been on a much grander scale than in the recent past. 

2013-11-25 16.46.09With that, Todd has been down in the heart of the disasters on more than one occasion, “getting the story” as he is now the Communications Coordinator for the Asia-Pacific Region for the Church of the Nazarene.  But if you know Todd, you will know that he does more than just “get the story.”  He is the kind of guy that lends a hand, no matter if it is in the office, or out in the midst of the devastation.  I often wonder when he comes home why there are so few photos on the camera he carries around.  Then I see photos that others have taken and there is Todd, in the middle of it all, with a shovel, a helping hand, or a listening ear.

With the Super Typhoon that recently ravaged the central area of the Philippines, he has been going back and forth “getting the story” and being an integral part of the strategic planning sessions and partnerships with other organizations.  A typical week in this month has been Todd flying down to Cebu and attending a meeting with a return ticket for two days later.  Then I get a phone call asking me to see if we can bump his ticket back another day or two.  Something has come up and he needs to go help. 

I understand this need to help and I am fine with him staying the extra time.  But it has gotten me thinking as I spend countless hours in prayer for him and the team.  We are here because God called us here to this place at this time and I believe for this purpose!  Those phone calls and texts that say he’ll see me tomorrow, or in a few days, doesn’t mean that I will see him tomorrow, or in a few days.  As I spend time in prayer, seeking what God has for me and us and our lives.  I have started saying “Lord Willing” as I close our conversations, say good-bye, and see you tomorrow. 

We will do what the Lord wants us to.  That is why we are here!  And if He wants Todd to stay a few extra days to help out, that is OK with me!  I am learning that His timing is much better than mine.  That He will help me get all of the tasks accomplished that need to be done with Todd gone.  I am continually amazed at what God can do with my time, when I consciously follow His plan and will for my day. 

Lord Willing, Todd will be home tonight, but if I get that phone call or text….I know it will work out just fine!