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Are We There Yet?

Kids in back seatOh how I miss hearing this from the back seat as we drive.  Mother’s Day is a perfect day to remember, especially for those with children spread across the world – or having gone before them to heaven…

For Mother’s Day, Todd took me up the mountain to a beautiful little resort to walk around the gardens and get a bite to eat and relax for a couple of hours before heading back down the mountain to the business of another week.  The drive was long and slow – because of the uneven, rocky terrain that they call a road.  Our vehicle works, fairly well, and usually gets us where we want to go.  We made it up and back and once back in our parking spot, it stopped and wouldn’t go any more.  Oh well, a problem to solve on another day.

Ron Don

Despite the vehicle problems, my day was picture perfect.  Talking to my girls, parents, and friends across the world via many forms of communication.  What a blessing to have this level of communication available to us where we can not only talk, but see each other across the world!

Are we there yet?

I still miss hearing that, and now I find myself asking Todd this same question as we work through the many challenges along with the great joys of working here in PNG.

Are we there yet?  Have we arrived at where we set out to go in Missions?

Are we there yet?  Have we accomplished what God has called us to?

Are we there yet?  Is our life reflecting our Lord and Saviour in such a way that it draws others to Jesus?

No, not yet…a little farther still…

I was reminded to enjoy the journey and not just the destination as we meandered slowly up the road to avoid having to replace tie rods and ball joints too soon.  The many different shades of green in the tropical highland foliage and gardens.  The neat and tidy houses along the road that someone has taken much pride in cleaning and weeding.  The gorgeous views as we round the bends along the winding road up the mountain.  I sat and thanked God for each blessing as they came to mind – and I prayed for many with great needs who came to mind.

Partnership TourAs we finished up with Mother’s Day weekend, I have been busy working on preparing our calendar for our time in the US the end of June through July.  We do hope to be able to catch up with many of you as we pass through your area.  We welcome any and all connections!  A coffee date, chat over a meal, or an invitation to speak to your church / group.  You can see our schedule by clicking here. Please let us know if you will be anywhere near where we have a scheduled event and let’s catch up!  J

Please check back often as the schedule will be filling up fast!

Throw It Down!

We believe that God has given each and every person a gift or talent that they are passionate about and that He designed for us to use that gift or talent to share our testimony with others.

The Lord asks Moses, “What is in your hand?” in Exodus 4:2moses-with-staff-at-burning-bush

Moses had a staff in his hand, which was common for a shepherd. The Lord asked him to throw it on the ground and when he obeyed and threw it down, that is when it was used by God to get his attention and the attention of everyone who saw it. God intended for Moses to use what was in his hand as an opportunity for him to show how great God was and to lead God’s people out of Egypt

As we traveled across the USA speaking at the Work and Witness Conferences and at various churches and other venues over the month of September, we challenged young and old alike to look at what was in their hands and to pray about how God would like to use that as a means to share the love of Jesus with others.img_0144

Sam, a former motocross champion in the Philippines, uses that passion for dirt bikes to teach others how to race professionally, and as he shares his experience as a champion with them, he also shares his testimony and introduces them to Jesus.

We have heard from several people who are recognizing that it is not only big things that can be shared, but the mop handle in Rebecca’s hand can be a means of an opportunity for her to share with her co-workers, to lend a listening ear and to share the hope that she has found in Jesus. You can read her story here.rebecca-and-her-mop-handle

As we ask the Spirit to lead us where our trust is without borders, and to let us walk on the waters, wherever God calls us, our faith will be made stronger in His presence.img_5807

In our morning devotions with the WMC Team, we discussed this theme and some new insights came out. One is the idea of complete trust in the miracle God will do through us. It took Moses a little longer to accept that God would work through him. God had to do something physically to him – the leprous hand and the restoring of his hand before he actually accepted God’s call to use what was in his hand. And as we talked about throwing down what is in our hands, we discussed that it is in the stepping out in faith and using those gifts that God has given us that we will see Him using it. And it might turn into a snake and we me might not understand why that is, but we need to trust Him for the outcome, knowing it is for His glory not our own.wmc-whatsinyourhands2016We had ballers made that said Passion + Purpose and What’s In Your Hands? The “+” between Passion + Purpose is a Red CROSS.  To remind us that it is using our passions for God’s purpose.  We gave the ballers out at the different venues as a reminder to use what God has put in their hands to share their testimony and to introduce others to Him. They were a huge hit with young and old alike as they looked at what God had placed in their hands.  We have enjoyed seeing posts on social media from across the globe of people sharing how they are using their passions as a platform to share the love of Jesus with others.  If you would like to post your story, please use #WhatsInYourHands2016 so we can track it!

We contacted the company and told them of the success of the ballers and they are offering a 10% discount for our readers who use this code at checkout – TCAEB 

If you would like to use our design, let us know and we would be happy to send you the layout.


4 Days to Departure for N. America Speaking Tour!

Image_7-1_City_SunWhere has the time gone?  It is so hard to believe that we are just four days away from another spring speaking tour! On Thursday morning at 10:55am, Wednesday evening (N. America Time) we will, Lord willing, be climbing aboard our flight that will take us from Manila to Tokyo, to Seattle, and then on to Boise.  We will pick up our car in Caldwell, Idaho, and then begin our drive north for the state of Washington.  This spring will see us speaking at Faith Promise weekends, NMI Conventions, and mission services across the Pacific Northwest, Canada, NW Ohio, and Southern California.

Several of our dates are lacking specific details, as we have not yet received them.  As soon as we do receive the information – it will be uploaded to the schedule.

Please check out our speaking schedule to see if we will be in an area near you.

In the meantime, we prepared this short video to say thank you for your partnership, and to share a bit about what our past several months have looked like!

Aebischer Greetings – Spring of 2016 This video can be downloaded to share with your church at this link DOWNLOAD Thanks! .


Greetings from Wyomissing, Pennsylvania! Safe Flight, Great First Conference…More Great Things to Come!

Dreary eyed travelers, somewhere over the Middle East on the 13 hour leg to Washington DC.
Dreary eyed travelers, somewhere over the Middle East on the 13 hour leg to Washington, D.C.

Thank you so very much for your prayers! The flights from Manila to Washington, D.C. went well, albeit they were some of the more turbulent that we have been on in our years of travel.

Several times throughout the flights we were all advised to remain in our seats, cabin service was suspended, and it looked like one of those scary movies, with things jostling around inside the cabin.   Needless to say, we were very glad to have our feet finally on solid ground.

Flying the long way around the globe to get to the States...saves a lot of money...just a lot of time in the air.
Flying the long way around the globe to get to the States…saves a lot of money…just a lot of time in the air.
Connie catching some much needed shut-eye in the terminal at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
Connie catching some much needed shut-eye in the terminal at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Oh…have to throw this picture into the story.  Our air travel, with layovers and delays, took around 30 hours.  Connie was about ready to crash (while on the ground – no airplane involved) so I told her I would stay awake and be her guardian angel while she took a nap on the terminal carpet.

Control Tower with the sun rising through the sands of the Arabic Desert in Abu Dhabi
Control Tower with the sun rising through the sands of the Arabic Desert in Abu Dhabi

We made our way from Washington / Dulles International Airport to the Eastern Region Work and Witness Conference where we set up our table and banners, representing the Asia-Pacific Region.

General Superintendent Emeritus Dr. Jesse Middendorf
General Superintendent Emeritus Dr. Jesse Middendorf

There was a great turnout for the conference.  General Superintendent Emeritus Dr. Jesse Middendorf was the keynote speaker for the conference and brought two great messages.  He really hit a home run as he talked about the fact that going on a Work and Witness trip was not your only mission, a one-time thing, but rather an outflowing of your “life of mission.”   He also spoke on the power and necessity of prayer covering for these missions.  We definitely believe this!  There is great power in prayer.

This morning we are getting ready to speak at the Reading, Pennsylvania Church of the Nazarene.  After today’s meetings we will climb back in our little rental car and head three hours back to the area around the airport for a very early departure tomorrow morning for Boise, Idaho.   We will stop here briefly, (give great big hugs to our kids and family) pick up more presentation materials, another car, and then head for the Oregon Pacific District and the Northwest Region Work and Witness Conference.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Dr. John and Shauna Mullins and family.  See earlier blog posting.  We are planning to stop and visit/pray with them on Monday.   We continue to claim healing for Dr. John.
  2. Dr. Jim and Kathy Radcliffe.  Jim is our lead surgeon at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital in Papua New Guinea.  He will be heading into surgery on Tuesday, May 9th, here in the states, for the removal of an adrenal tumor.  Pray that it is benign and pray for rapid recovery.  Great story about Dr. Radcliffe.
  3. Jet Wing
    Many miles of travel to be made on this trip.

    Traveling safety.  We have many hours to drive and fly during this trip.  Yesterday at about 4pm as we were driving to Pennsylvania, I finally told Connie, “I just can’t go anymore.”  We found a McDonald’s parking lot, pulled in, and slept for about 30 minutes, so we could keep on traveling.

  4. Family. Like most families, we have so many who are in desperate need of a touch from God.  Please pray for healing for Aunt Bev, Aunt Sheryl, Curt, Ronan, our 6 kids (David, Dwayne, Jessica, Cale, Courtney, Landen).  This is just the start – the family list is long, but prayer makes a difference!

We will close for now.  Thank you so very much for your prayers on behalf of Connie for her shoulder and eye.

Connie with her super smile, sharing about our ministry at the Eastern Region Work & Witness Conference
Connie with her super smile, sharing about our ministry at the Eastern Region Work & Witness Conference

She is doing so much better.  You can tell that she truly loves what she is doing…I’m not sure that it is physically possible to smile any bigger!

Thanks for making the journey with us, for praying, partnering, encouraging and supporting.  We definitely couldn’t do it without you!  Together we are making an impact in Asia!

There are definitely more great things to come!  Stay Tuned!


Answers to Prayer…the Journey begins!

Manila Airport
Sitting in the Manila Airport, waiting for our flight to depart. Manila – United Arab Emirates – Washington DC

Connie and I are sitting here in Terminal 1 of Manila International Airport, waiting for our flight to depart for the Middle East and then on to Washington DC.  We will be at the first regional Work and Witness Conference in about 48 hours.  You can see the travel and speaking schedule here.

We are so very blessed!  Quite literally, we have received notes and comments from around the globe from friends and family committing to pray.  God is answering!  Connie’s shoulder is feeling much better.   Her range of motion has increased substantially and the aching pain has decreased.  The blistered area of her eye (the entire sclera – white area) has resolved with the medication.  We are both feeling much better, fevers resolved, and we are ready for the next 4 weeks of conferences and speaking!  God Is So Good…and we are so blessed to have such a tremendous prayer team.  Thank you from the depths of our hearts.

Many of you receive an email each time we post and we don’t want to flood your inboxes over the next few weeks, so we are starting a special page on our site to share news about this trip.  You may follow along as we post praises and prayer requests, but you won’t automatically be sent updates.   Here is the link

The WMC-AP Team as we said goodbye this afternoon before leaving for the airport.
The WMC-AP Team as we said goodbye this afternoon before leaving for the airport.

We would so greatly appreciate your continued prayers for:

1)  Dr. John Mullins, Shauna, and their family (see the specific prayer request).  We are hoping to visit with them in person on September 8th, and to be able to spend time in prayer with these dear friends and partners in ministry.

2)  Kudjip Nazarene Hospital Surgeon Dr. James Radcliffe, as he is scheduled to have a tumor removed on September 9th (see his story here).  Also pray for the rest of the doctors and the team in Papua New Guinea.

3)  Our World Mission Communications Asia-Pacific Team, as they work on many projects over the next couple of weeks.

4)  Our several friends and family members with cancer.  The Lord knows their names and we would appreciate your prayers.

Thank you so very much for being part of our prayer team.  We truly couldn’t be here without you there, praying and paying the price.  Together, we are reaching the Asia-Pacific Region for Christ!


Wow…we had a TREMENDOUS time on the L.A. District…now Texas!

Bishop Mtn - AtascaderoWhere has the time gone?  We have been flying low and fast across the Los Angeles District, meeting incredible people, having great services, and even scheduling in a little bit of exercise!  We have been so very blessed!

Can’t even begin to thank the churches and families for the outpouring of hospitality, kindness, prayers, partnership, and of course…food!

We had no idea that someone would be at the LAX airport to meet us, but God has brought such incredible friends and family into our lives over the years!  The Millers, long time partners in ministry (they are family now), showed up at the curb as Connie was waiting for me to pick up the rental car!  Great time of reunion and dinner together, then we were off and running. Thanks guys for making the arrival special!

Connie speaking to the kids at Ridgecrest.
Connie doing Bible Trekking with the kids at Ridgecrest.

We arrived for our first meeting in Ridgecrest  and then were back down the east side of the Sierras and over to the coast to meet with the Oxnard Church of the Nazarene and retired Navy Captain Edna Peters, a career Naval nurse, who shared her home with us.   Quite to our surprise, Ann Baldwin from Kansas City was in the area visiting her mother for Mother’s Day and arrived at the service with a great goody bag of supplies for the trip!  Ann…we munched on that survival pack for the entire trip, as many times we missed meals racing back and forth across the district – Thank You!

Bishop 1
The Cardnal Village Resort in Bishop – what a great place for a pause!

Then from Oxnard it was back up to Bishop where we had a great evening dinner and service with the church family and made a new soul mate in retired police officer and pilot Ray Miklaucic, who shared his home with us – thanks Ray!

And then, what a fantastic surprise the Bishop church gave us!  A night at the Cardinal Village Resort in Bishop with the Cluff Family.  This was truly a godsend as we were able to recoup for about 20 hours.  Jet lag was starting to take its toll!  Thanks Bishop!

From Bishop it was down to Valley View Church at Lancaster where we had about standing room only in the fellowship hall for the dinner and meeting!  That night we stayed with Bong and Lhileth Balaton and Christian, Ethan, and Noah…what a great time of fun and playing with the boys!  Thanks Balatons for sharing your home.

Back to the Coast to Camarillo we went where again, the fellowship hall was packed out and we had a fantastic evening service, dinner, and morning breakfast.  We left encouraged with full tummys!

???We then took a day at the University of Southern California where our niece was commissioned into the air force as a nurse and 2nd Lieutenant!  Way to go Elise.  What a great time with family that drove down from Idaho for this special day.



Lone Pine, Gateway to Mount Whitney!
Lone Pine, Gateway to Mount Whitney!

Back up the old 395 / 14 highways we went along the Eastern Sierras to Lone Pine for a great Saturday morning breakfast with the church.

Thanks Santa Monica Church Family!
Thanks Santa Monica Church Family!

We then loaded up and headed down the 395 / 14 corridor again and out to the coast to Santa Monica to share dinner with Emery and Elaine Pankratz and then a great Sunday morning Service for our second visit with the Santa Monica Church Family.


Hiking Bishop Mountain with the Dove Creek / Atascadero Church Family!
Hiking Bishop Mountain with the Dove Creek / Atascadero Church Family!

Then with the finish line in site, it was 4 hours up the coast to Atascadero where we had a prime rib and baked potato dinner that was second to none, followed by an exciting final L.A. District mission service.  District NMI President Debra Hamrick drove up for the service and we all had a great time.

As a final farewell, we put on our hiking boots, packed up our granola bars, and hiked Bishop Mountain with several of our new friends from Dove Creek / Atascadero.  Thanks Pastor Wes and team for making this outdoor adventure a possibility.  Just what the doctor ordered.

Oh…and what about the t-shirts?  Well they have been literally flying out of our suitcases and then at Dove Creek, Debra and Wes offered to help us out by taking around 100 to the L.A. District Assembly to help promote missions on the Asia-Pacific Region!  Thanks so much guys!

We became very familiar with the beautiful Sierras of California!
We became very familiar with the beautiful Sierras of California!

We are praising God for the great services and 2,203 miles safely traveled across the L.A. District!  Thanks to everyone who made this such a great tour!

And today…we are writing from the quiet town of Nocona, Texas.  Our flight from L.A. to Dallas / Fort Worth went very smoothly, we were picked up at the airport by Ron and Jackie Miner, they graciously loaned us a car, and now we are off and running again for the next couple of weeks here in West Texas.  Better buy some boots!Nocona Tx


Where has the time gone? Packing up…preparing to go!

Cmprsd Prayer CardWow…where has the time gone?  The countdown timer on my computer screen says 1 day, 7 hours, 21 minutes, left before we need to have final details completed, banners printed, prayer cards finished, suitcases packed, and be stepping on the plane for our stateside speaking schedule and niece’s and daughter’s weddings!

Jeepney (Public Transportation) here in the Philippines
Jeepney (Public Transportation) here in the Philippines

Sometimes my head spins with the sense of urgency…but I often reflect…do I have the same sense of urgency for the things of God?  We have been talking a lot about this lately as a team.  Keep the “main thing” the “main thing.”  That of touching lives, seeing the people around us, and being the tangible love of Christ to those we meet.  Whether that be at the gas station, in the office, on the street, in the jeepney (public transport) or wherever.  We need to always be looking for opportunities to be Missional!

Connie and I are working hard, even in the midst of the hustle and bustle, to take time to remember:

“Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” Psalm 46:10

Back to packing the bags…we are headed your way and looking forward to sharing the great things that God is doing here in Asia!

Mission Control…Countdown has been initiated! Prepare Home Assignment Launch Sequence!


Ok…it may not be quite that dramatic…but we are definitely in the countdown to sharing the incredible stories of what God is doing on the Asia-Pacific Region through missions.   Here is our latest teaser video.  Share it with your churches, share it with your friends, then find the closest service and time to you…mark your calendar…come and be blessed!  We are looking forward to being with you in just a few short weeks!


Click on the picture or here to watch the great Trailer Video!

Click here for a download link to save the file for uninterrupted showing as promotion during service.   (Unfortunately the server, hosted in Orem, Utah, is down at the moment, we will alert you when it is back up and the video can be downloaded).