Todd and Connie Aebischer Biographical Data

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Connie and I were raised in rural Southern Oregon where we were started our life-long friendship at the ages of 4 and 5 (you get to guess who is older (smile).  Missions has been our passion and the focus of our hearts since  childhood.   We were married in 1988, at Medford First Church of the Nazarene,  where we actively served on the Missions Board, Church Board, in the choir, orchestra and co-led the young adult/career ministries group.  In 1989, we had the opportunity to participate in a Work and witness trip to Dwarsloop, South Africa, where our call to missions was solidified.

The Early Days
The early days, Pacific Missionary Aviation, Micronesia, 1995

Back in the states, Connie continued her work as a surgical assistant / x-ray technician and Todd completed a degree in Business Administration / Political Science, while also obtaining his commercial pilot’s license. In 1991, we applied and were assigned as a pilot/wife mission aviation team with Pacific Mission Aviation, conducting flights throughout Micronesia and west to the Philippines, serving there through 1995.

Upon completion of our assignment in Micronesia,  we returned to the U.S. where Todd assumed the position of Chief Pilot in charge of flight operations for a regional airline. During this time he completed his Airframe and Powerplant Technician and Airline Transport Pilot certificates while awaiting final assignment with Nazarene Mission Aviation in Western Africa.

In 1999, we were appointed as Global Missionaries for the Church of the Nazarene and assigned to the Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire). Todd assumed the position of Africa West Field Treasurer while attending French language school and also established the Nazarene Mission Aviation base of operations which served 17 countries of West Africa.

With the closure of Nazarene Mission Aviation in 2004,  we returned to the U.S. where Todd pursued graduate Family Medicine education in the Global Health Track at the University of Washington School of Medicine.  Connie worked for the county as a planner with the development services department.

HOHNW_TeamIn 2010, Todd was invited to assume the Executive Director position with Hands of Hope Northwest, the West Coast’s Nazarene Compassionate Ministries Center and an International Humanitarian Aid mission, providing medical supplies and equipment to partners in more than 29 nations globally.

In 2012, Nazarene Global Missions invited us to return to the Asia-Pacific Region where Todd served as the Regional Communications, Partnerships, and Work and Witness Coordinator and Connie served as the Nazarene Missions International Coordinator.

I (Todd) truly believed that aviation was a finished chapter in our lives.  When we were contacted in October 2016 and asked to apply for the Country Director position for Papua New Guinea with Mission Aviation Fellowship, I actually thought of it as a distraction.  We were very happy in our ministry roles and were seeing great things accomplished for the Lord on the Asia-Pacific Region and specifically in the Philippines.

But through much prayer and several significant events, it became apparent that the Lord was calling us into this new role with Mission Aviation Fellowship.   We completed our assignment with Nazarene Missions on 31-July of 2017 and arrived in Australia just 5 days later and started this current chapter of our lives,  serving alongside the incredible men and women who together make up the Papua New Guinea Mission Aviation Family.

The rugged and remote highlands of Papua New Guinea.

“Sharing God’s love through aviation and technology so that isolated people might be physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s name.  This is the vision and purpose of MAF, and we are thrilled to be entering once again onto the front lines of missions, going literally to the very ends of the earth with the message of hope found through Christ!” – Todd

We have 4 children, two son-in-laws, and one granddaughter: David and Dwayne (39), adopted twins from Micronesia who live and work in the Nampa, Idaho area, Jessica (31)  [Cale & Nortje (8)],  who live in  Boise, Idaho, and Courtney (29) [Landen]  who teaches school in Boise after completing her education degree at Northwest Nazarene University.

Todd is a third generation missionary whose great grandfather, Rev. Cecil Troxel, was a founding missionary for World Gospel Mission in Shandong Province, Eastern China (1910).

Summary of Mission Service

YearsArea of Service
2017-PresentMission Aviation Fellowship – Papua New Guinea
2013-2017Church of the Nazarene, Asia-Pacific Region
2010-2013Hands of Hope Northwest, Nampa, Idaho
2005-2010Graduate Education – Family Medicine
1999-2005Nazarene Mission Aviation – Cote d’Ivoire West Africa
1992-1995Pacific Missionary Aviation – Micronesia

4 thoughts on “Todd and Connie Aebischer Biographical Data”

  1. Hello Todd and Connie,
    It’s Dee Hale. Todd we spoke at the Urbana Church of the Nazarene Zone Rally in Urbana, Ohio on April 1st.
    I have been praying for you both that God’s divine protection is with you. I’ve read where many things are happening in the Asia-Pacific Region. You both are an amazing couple and God is using you two in miraculous ways to meet the needs of the people in your area. Todd, I’m waiting for the book that you need to write regarding your adventures while doing God’s work through missions. God bless you both. Dee Hale
    PS: I’m the lady who talked to you regarding W&W with a possible JFHP outreach in 2018.


  2. Hey Aibeschers!
    My family met you guys last year at the Work & Witness conference in Maryland. I loved your attitude and sense of adventure about life and the way you were part of encouraging Sam Tamayo to start a motocross church.
    It looks like you are ready to fly into more adventure with MAF!
    As a follower of MAF on social media, I’m hoping to hear about your further adventures through their pages and profiles.
    Thanks for inspiring others with your lives.
    David Bartholomew


    1. David,
      Greetings to you from Todd and I in Australia! We are up earlier than usual thanks to jet lag and are preparing to head to Mareeba to the flight school and maintenance center to have a look-see and meet more of the team! Thank you for your comment and kind words. We pray that our lives would be an inspiration to others to follow the passions and purposes God has for each one.
      You may just be seeing some posts about us in the near future on MAF sights! We just got our Bio page up (with a few glitches) on the MAF-US site! So we are official now!
      Hope we run into each other again in the future!

      Together for Him,
      Connie Lou
      for Todd too!


  3. Good to meet you both on Line. We have the necessary details needed from Yvonne and Doug Miles and will let you know details in due course. God Bless you both. Fran and David Starbuck.


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