Watch it go up!

001The Asia Pacific Team is building the booth at General Assembly with the help from some great friends!  Today while Todd and Connie Lou were in the daylong Missionary Deputation  Meeting, Courtney went to the Convention Center and helped with the building of the booth!  She took the big camera to take pictures of the construction from the beginning.  The whole family will be there tomorrow finishing up building the booth and adding the final touches!



A new twist on our deputation service!

Orleans, IndianaCourtney spoke to the Orleans, Indiana church about what it was like from her perspective as a missionary kid being evacuated from the middle of a war.  She brought a different perspective and gave a sweet tribute to her father for Father’s Day about having a Dad who supported his family even through an evacuation sending his family to another country and what that meant to her.


Courtney speaking at Orleans, Indiana

The NMI President took us to lunch at Spring Mill Park.  And we took some time after lunch in celebration of Father’s Day and Todd’s Birthday to walk around and take a boat tour of a cave, before driving up to Indianapolis to prep for the Missionary Deputation Meeting all day Monday and prepping for General Assembly.Todd and Connie in park

???The Park was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed the time we spent there as a family looking at the amazing creation God made!  Caves are so interesting and different!

His Compassions Are New Every Morning

Trail - Clive IA Bridge - Clive IA

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,
for His compassions never fail.
They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.

Lamentations 3:22-23

Awoke this morning to a rain-washed countryside.  The storm has passed and we are on our way again with 480 miles left to go.  Lord willing, this will be our shortest day.   God gave me a special gift of a beautiful greenbelt to run along for my early morning job.  Had no idea I would get this blessing to start my day!

Stopped For The Night…Just In Time For The STORM!

Lightning Strike - Clive We arrived in Clive, Iowa (just outside of Des Moines) this evening at around 8:30 pm.  For the final two hours of today’s travel, we watched the storms building all around us.  The winds picked up and by the time we arrived in Clive, the National Weather Service was issuing severe thunderstorm alerts.  Winds have already reached 40-45 mph.    The internet for the hotel was knocked out, along with TV service, but thankfully we still have cell and my VHF Handheld Radio, so we can continue to get the Weather Service Alerts.   We pulled up a radar image of the area and found that we were right in the “red zone.”   Five tornadoes touched down in central Iowa on Wednesday.   Courtney is having a great time with mom and dad…”This is so cool…but I’m a bit scared too.”

Radar Clive

On The Road Again!

We are east bound…..we’ve got a long way to go, and a short time to get there……


God has blessed our travels so far with good weather, a strong tail wind, which means excellent gas mileage, and safety as we passed a terrible accident with a semi trailer on fire and the tractor broken in half. Praise God it appeared that no one was hurt.

Warning for any of you driving back to General Assembly, I-80 has continual construction, with speed limits dropped in some areas to 45mph!


Courtney is with us on this trip and that has made it extra fun!

God has also blessed us with beautiful sunsets!