Sunday Morning in the Philippines – Typhoon Hagupit Update

Thank you to all of you who have been praying faithfully for the Philippines during this threat of Super Typhoon Hagupit.  As communications coordinator for the Region, it has been an extremely busy time.  We apologize for our personal blog slacking a bit.

We are doing well.  The storm is southeast of us and appears to be diminishing quickly as it comes over the country.  Praise God!

If you would like to have the live updates and information on the Nazarene Disaster Response, it is available at our regional storm tracking page:

Thank you again so very much for your continued prayers and encouragement.  Once the storm blows through, we will be bringing an updated greetings.

Here is a global call to prayer video that we released a couple of days ago:

Super Typhoon Hagupit Approaching Philippines – Here we go again!

Hard to believe that 13 months, almost to the day, we are directly in the line of site of yet another category 5 Super Typhoon.

Nazarene Disaster Response teams are mobilizing across the central Philippines.  We have met this afternoon with the Philippine / Micronesia Field Strategy Coordinator, Stephen Gualberto, to review our planning for communications / logistics strategy in the event that this turns into a devastating event like Super Typhoon Yolanda.

There are currently three tracks that the computer models are depicting.  One track (20% chance) has the storm moving due north, skirting the eastern shores and then moving towards Japan.

The 75% or higher probability, is a direct hit to the central Philippines, with the eye passing directly over Manila on Tuesday night.


As you can imagine, given our roles as Communications / Partnerships / and Work Teams Coordinators for the Region, our office is a buzz of activity.  This will be a very hectic 5 days and beyond if this storm doesn’t either alter course or dissipate.  We remember all too well last year’s days, weeks, and months following Yolanda.

People are evacuating low laying areas on the eastern shores.

Please keep our Pacific Islanders in your prayers as areas that were so absolutely devastated by Yolanda are again in the line of site.  People are evacuating low lying areas now in the Central Philippines.

You can visit our regional website: which is serving as the Region’s central communications anchor point for the duration of this event.   We released this global call-to-prayer about 1 hour ago: