Taking a break today!

Load staged and ready
Load staged and ready

This morning was my first opportunity to be a part of loading a container at Hands of Hope NW.  In the past I have always had to work and was not able to be a part of this special piece in sending a container.  Todd of course has loaded many containers in the 2 years as Executive Director.  For years our family had sorted and counted, and re-counted, and boxed many items at the ministry center, and that has been very rewarding for us, but this tops it all.  There is a special undercurrent of excitement along with the hard work of loading a container within a small window of time.  Knowing that we are putting the final touches on a load that will be opened and bless the people of the Ukraine is an awesome feeling.  If you live in the treasure valley and have not yet volunteered at Hands of Hope NW I would highly recommend it!  As my mother says, “Victory in life isn’t about personal success, it is about helping others who have a need that you can fill”.


Pack No Air
Pack No Air

The motto “pack no air” is very much a part of the way they load.  These guys and gals work really hard organizing and handing just the right size box to fit in the space that is open. And let me tell you – it is HOT inside that container! The water gets passed out several times to keep them all hydrated and cooled. They are a great team taking turns fitting the boxes in just the right spots, which includes a lot of lifting.

Todd and Mike Peek closing the doors
Todd and Mike Peek closing the doors

Hands of Hope NW had been blessed for several months being able to rent a warehouse with a truck dock, on the north side of the freeway, making the loading of containers much faster and easier on everyone’s backs.  They are hoping that the funds will come in to build a warehouse with truck docks on the property they own there at the ministry center on S. Powerline Rd. in Nampa.

The time away from the house and packing was good for us.  We have done so much but there is so much more to do.  Everything we pick up, we have to decide if it is going with us, if we are going to pack it to keep it for our return some day, if it will go to one of our kids or extended family, or if we will just sell it at a big garage sale. Not an easy task day after day.  It is amazing how much stuff one can collect living in a house for just a short time.

Connie Lou

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