A new twist on our deputation service!

Orleans, IndianaCourtney spoke to the Orleans, Indiana church about what it was like from her perspective as a missionary kid being evacuated from the middle of a war.  She brought a different perspective and gave a sweet tribute to her father for Father’s Day about having a Dad who supported his family even through an evacuation sending his family to another country and what that meant to her.


Courtney speaking at Orleans, Indiana

The NMI President took us to lunch at Spring Mill Park.  And we took some time after lunch in celebration of Father’s Day and Todd’s Birthday to walk around and take a boat tour of a cave, before driving up to Indianapolis to prep for the Missionary Deputation Meeting all day Monday and prepping for General Assembly.Todd and Connie in park

???The Park was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed the time we spent there as a family looking at the amazing creation God made!  Caves are so interesting and different!

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