Thank You Lord for moments of inspiration during the struggles of life

View from the new office space
View from the new office space

There are so many great things going on not only in my life, but in this Seminary, with the World Mission Communication team etc… that the devil doesn’t like and is trying everything he can to frustrate us.  But in a moment of frustration, as I sat at my computer that was having trouble getting an internet connection and I looked out the window and saw a strikingly white bird fly across the lush green of the tropical campus,  I was reminded of my Bible reading this week where Jesus came to John the Baptist to be Baptized and the heavens opened and the Spirit of God came down like a dove and rested on Him. I felt like God was telling me that His Spirit is here!  Thank you Lord, for moments of inspiration and renewal in the simple sighting of a bird.

That was my post just before I found out that my laptop may be the cause of the problems with the Asia-Pacific Website and to help make sure we don’t have further problems, they are going to reformat my laptop. 😦

I know that God is in control and that this is just another attempt to frustrate me.  I have been listening to my Gaither music on my earphones and I will NOT stop praising my Lord in the midst of this storm!

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