Trekking = A trek is a long, adventurous journey undertaken on foot in areas where common means of transport are generally not available.

Todd pngWhile Todd was trekking through the highlands and valleys of Papua New Guinea, I was trekking through the Bible in the Philippines.  We each were having our own adventures, which opened our eyes to many new and wonderful things.

landrover in mudTodd has been traveling since the end of January through Papua New Guinea to see the work, film some stories and recruit writers for the Asia-Pacific Website.  He is now in Australia, and is touring the work there in several locations, doing much of the same thing.  He is getting to know the people, hear their heart for spreading the gospel and hopefully catching some of that on film!

???I attended a 4 day workshop held here on the APNTS campus with Ray Neu, Bible Trekking, and Woodie Stephens, Director SDMI.

With a great percentage of the population of our world not able to read for themselves, telling the stories of Jesus is the only way they will hear of Him.  The training was to help us not only tell the stories from the Bible in an interesting way, but to then facilitating the discussion to help the listener glean the truths from the story for themselves which will help them remember those truths they found and be able to tell the story to others.

???Our Media team here filmed the training for Ray and Woodie to use in helping train others.  Not only were those of us attending the training being blessed by what we were discovering in the stories, but the media team was also!   And they were putting the training they received while behind the cameras into action that week!

4 thoughts on “Trekking”

  1. You have just whetted (is that a word?) my appetite for learning more about this. This is so spot on. Sunday School teachers need this so badly. I am appalled at the number of teachers who read from a manual while the kids fidget and hate being there. Oh this is such a crime. When I tell the story, with passion, they are eating out of the palm of my hand and everyone is quiet. I want this training. I want all SS teachers to have it. Is there a book? Are you creating a video the rest of us can watch and glean from? What can I use to share this with our directors of Christian Education at our church–at BBC, to perhaps bring these men here to Boise? Lots of churches could share in this. Oh my. I want this so bad. Give me more info.


  2. The videos will be available for training! This is such a fresh new way of not only telling the story, but really understanding it, and how it applies to our lives today! Yes, every Sunday School teacher, small group leader, pastor, and Christian needs this training! Ray is just getting started getting the word out and traveling to train! Maybe you could work something out with NNU / BBC to have him come! 🙂


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