Closer to home

Closer to home
Closer to home

Todd has been gone for the past almost two weeks to attend several meetings at GMC in Kansas. Although I am fine staying here in the Philippines without him, I feel safe and love my work and all that, I still really don’t like it when he is gone. Todd and I had been praying before we came to the Philippines, about being in ministry together. I had a really good job, which I had enjoyed for several years, and that provided a large portion of our income, but we wanted to be in ministry together. We thought that was going to be at Hands of Hope Northwest!  In comes Mark Louw with an offer for us to come to the Asia-Pacific Region as missionaries once again. After much prayer and I do mean much prayer, we accepted the position.

Working together in ministry is a wonderful thing! Same time schedule, same goals, same passion for what God has set before us. We work really well together, as we complement each other with our individual strengths. Really it has been wonderful. Hard, yes, being away from our kids and the rest of our families and friends. And the swarms of mosquitoes I am dealing with right now! But so rewarding in so many ways! God is continually teaching us things, and confirming things through each other as we read and study His Word. It is really amazing!

As Todd was getting ready to get on a plane headed “home” to the Philippines, he said “one step closer to home.” That phrase ‘closer to home’ caught my attention and my brain began to whirl. : ) I told him that I was going to use that phrase for a blog update! And here it is.

Closer to home… this our home? In some ways the Philippines feels like our home, but every day we are reminded that our kids are in the US and that is our home.

Closer to home….is this world our home? In some ways it feels like our home, but every day we are reminded that our Savior is in Heaven and that is our home.

Closer to home….I like that phrase.  As the airplane carrying Todd and a few hundred other people slowly makes its way across the ocean to Manila, he is getting closer to home. And as we continue to work in ministry together here, growing in our relationship with our Savior – we are closer to home with Him in heaven.

How close are you to home?

What steps do you need to take today to get one step closer to home?

I love to watch him get 'closer to home'
I love to watch him get ‘closer to home’

15 thoughts on “Closer to home”

  1. This email is such a precious reminder of the home that God has prepared for us. Thank you for this devotion. It thrilled my heart to read it. Ruth Davis Wichita Falls, TX

  2. Yes, closer home. It is so easy to get our eyes on lesser things. Home is where the heart is…I too am looking forward to that day!
    Ralph Vreugdenhil – Sumner Rescue Church

  3. This world is not my home, I’m just a-passin through. My treasures are laid up, somewhere beyond the blue.

  4. Connie Lou, it is such a joy to share in the Lord’s Kingdom with our spouses, sharing in the Lord’s glory, an eternal joy.
    Thank you for encouraging me today to keep my eyes on my Real Home.
    May the Lord continue to show his tender care for you and your precious family.
    Yeah! I have your blog on my favorites now. Love you friend! Nan Haworth

  5. I am walking toward my heavenly home! To live is Christ!To die is gain! I am going to try and get rid of all the stuff that holds me here before I go. If the Lord is merciful, all my family will be there as well. Then, What a glory that will be, When my Jesus we shall see, When I look into His face, The one who saved me by His grace, ………Hope Todd arrives soon! Do you need some bug repellant? I can send it to you.

    1. What a day, Glorious day that will be! Todd arrived safely a few hours ago. Praise The Lord! And he brought me mosquito repellant! Seriously I stopped counting at 44 bites on one leg! Praying none of them carried Dengue Fever! But I know that My God will see me through if they did! Thank you for the comment and continued prayers!
      Together for Him,
      Connie Lou

  6. ConnIe, I love this. Thank you for sending. Yes, each day we are a little closer to home, home being with Jesus. God Bless You Both, Donna Witherspoon, Bishop, CA

  7. When I read your blogs it is as if I am there. I even start scratching….ha ha…..It is wonderful to hear about daily lives and struggles because they are real in everyones lives. I am sure he was as anxious to be “home” (which is where the heart is) as you were to have him there. Did he bring a box of insect repellent? You will probably use every bit of it…..

    1. Paula,
      Yes, he did bring me mosquito repellant and we have been using it, although the swarming seems to have let up, now it is just the occasional one we see, or rather feel. 🙂
      Together for Him,
      Connie Lou

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