Gearing up for Work & Witness Conferences!

We believe that God has given each and every one of us a talent that He intended for us to use as a tool to tell others about Him. For a man named Sam, that talent is riding dirt bikes. A former Philippine National Professional Motocross Champion, Sam uses his love of the sport and his talent as not only a rider, but former champion to share Jesus with others.

Todd speaking at NW WW Conf 2014Sam will be sharing along with Todd and I (Connie) at the Eastern and Northwest Work & Witness Conferences about how his father, an influential businessman, was impacted by a Work & Witness Team of corporate professionals that came to the Philippines and got down in the dirt and worked to build a church alongside the nationals. This prompted his father to take an inward look and stepping out in faith became a pastor, and eventually a DS as well.

Left for dead alongside the road in 1999 after a fatal accident that took the life of his father (coach/Nazarene Pastor/DS) (bus collided with the Team Yamaha vehicle) Sam committed to living life as a “second lifer” dedicated to being 100% sold out. IMG_2847 God has used him to not only start a race ministry that was just recently featured on the Pilipinas Got Talent Franchise to millions of viewers (no exaggeration here), but also to pioneer an English service and Generation Congregation (GenCon) youth movement of training “Frontliners” to become disciple makers.  He has gone to the skate parks and interacted with the “untouchables” several of whom are now licensed ministers. There are now 4 generations of leaders who are discipling leaders, the group has surpassed 200 youth.

Sam was asked to be a featured speaker for the Asia-Pacific Quadrennial Regional Conference in October of 2015, to share his vision and passion for reaching the lost in non-traditional manners.  He has served on the board of trustees for one of our Nazarene Bible Colleges, has been instrumental in our Lay Ministries Training Programs, and as an ordained elder, is a very well respected member of the clergy here on the Philippine / Micronesia Field and across the Asia-Pacific Region.

Work & Witness Conference Information

Sam and Faith PGTTwo years ago God prompted our hearts to come alongside Sam and his wife Faith in this unique ministry. Motocross was never our passion, but reaching people for Jesus is! We found that as we looked at what God had placed in our hands, the opportunities through this unique ministry, that God used and blessed our efforts.
Stepping outside of our comfort zone, we saw God step in and provide not only opportunities to share, but the words we needed for each encounter. Since that time, you will find us at the race track on Sunday mornings (motocross has now become our passion), talking with the riders, encouraging them, and true to form Connie will have her camera out taking photos of them practicing and sharing them on social media. As we share with them, we have the opportunity to share the love of Jesus as well.

Racetrack Church.jpgAround 10:30 we huddle up with whoever is there to practice and we have church. Not your typical worship style, these guys are hot and sweaty and wearing all their gear. But God meets us there and lives are being transformed. Several come just for the Bible study even when they are not practicing, and some go get their wives and kids as well. Although this is not the type of church we grew up with, we wouldn’t want to be any place else!

10 thoughts on “Gearing up for Work & Witness Conferences!”

    1. Thank you Peggy for the prayer! We do so appreciate your faithful prayers for each of us as we travel and speak, not just for us, but for each one that will hear and that we will be blessed to interact with. That God would work through each encounter and He would be glorified in all!

      Together for Him,
      Connie Lou

  1. Reading your message sure has blessed my Monday, a beautiful day here in the high desert. I may forward it to our new Pastor as I doubt he receives it, and I think that our church here needs to know more of your “unusual” ministry which is not the typical missionary work. Know that I love you and pray for you. Keep these wonderful news letters and photos.coming!! Grandma Irene

    1. Grandma Irene, Thank you so much for the comment and for the continued prayer. Please do forward to your new pastor and encourage him and the congregation to pray. We really believe in the power of prayer and that God will do amazing things through those that are willing to step outside of their comfort zone and follow His promptings. We love and appreciate you!

      Together for Him,
      Connie Lou

  2. I very much needed to hear your words and encouragement at exactly the time I finally got this thing to working. Praise the Lord for each and every one of you…..NEVER stop sending and spreading. God bless the racing people and you two…..You came to our little church hear in Borger Texas and it has always;s left an impression on me and I pray for you and your work (God’s work)

    1. Paulette, thank you for the comment and we praise God that He worked through this post to encourage you. We remember Borger Texas and we do so appreciate the prayer! May we each be faithful to complete the tasks He has set before us.

      Together for Him,
      Connie Lou

  3. Sounds like awesome ministry. God is using you both in a mighty way. Continued prayers for this ministry. I have been involved with my sis Judy, who lives a couple blocks from me. To long of a story. She was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, very aggressive cancer in her brain. They found two masses in the left front lobe. Neurosurgeon operated on Monday, Aug 8th. They pulled back her scalp and removed as much as they could. She was just Moved from Memorial Hospital in Bakersfield to Northridge Hospital in Northridge, Ca to the acute physical therapy today the 8-16. She also has to have chemo therapy for 6 weeks, 5 days a week followed by radiation. They need to do it as soon as possible. The Oncologist here said with the chemo she would have 1 1/2-4 years if she can tolerate the chemo. Right now she can only say about 3 words at a time. Her husband has not been able to see her since she left the ER here in Lake Isabella. He has altizhemers & can’t be left alone in his house here so is at his step-daughters home 4 hour drive the opposite way. His first wife died of cancer & he helped raise her girls. It is so sad as he wants to go home and see his wife & my sis misses him. It is all such a mess. My sister’s daughter Carol had her taken down to be close to her so she can take her to her treatments. It would be a 7 hr round trip for me to see her & I can’t do that with Doug. I got to see her twice in Bkfs. Please pray for Judy, her husband Dick & daughter Carol who is by her now & trying to make all the arrangements to get them together. She can’t care for him & same for him to her. I have had to put it in the Lord’s hands. He is not a Christian, & she says she is??

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  4. Hi Todd, Our church treasurer made out a check for your birthday, but she put it with your name. Can we still send it through HQ, should we send itdirectly to you, or should we void it and make out another one?Barbara

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