We Have Great News to Share – Answered Prayers

As you may recall, we have been in desperate need of teachers here in the MAF PNG Program – actually, teachers are in high demand all across this country and the world.   This has been a major prayer request!

We are so grateful to announce that our youngest daughter Courtney and her husband Landen will be joining us in PNG. Courtney (who graduated with a teaching degree from Northwest Nazarene University back in 2017 and has been teaching in the West Ada School District) will be Teaching at the New Tribes School in Lapilo.  They are scheduled to arrive the end of August.  While Courtney is teaching, Landen will be serving with MAF PNG’s Communications Team – doing some traveling (his previous adventure guide training definitely will help here)  to get the stories, photos and videos to share what God is doing across this great nation through the ministry of MAF. 

Landen & Courtney with their dog Seb

I had a dream a while back that all our kids were working here in PNG alongside us –I have been praying that God would work on their hearts, giving them all a desire to come and that dream is turning into reality. Two down – a few more to go! 🙂

Much prayer is appreciated as they go through the orientation process at MAF US starting on Monday 11 July, and as they pack up their home and begin to clear debt and raise funds to move across the globe to bless the lives of the children and families serving here.  If you would like to keep in contact with them and help them on their journey with prayer and finances, you can follow their progress at their MAF link here.  If you would like to bless them with funds for the needed purchase of items to bring with them, that would need to be done directly to them, I know they would appreciate that greatly!

Please join us in praising God for His answers to our needs – and His timing! And continue to pray for the PNG program as we follow the Lord’s leading and  have so many staff needs in all areas

Together for Him,

Connie Lou for Todd too

12 thoughts on “We Have Great News to Share – Answered Prayers”

    1. Thanks Ray – we are thrilled – and our team is as well as by her coming to teach, their kids can go to that school! 🙂 A win for everyone!
      Take care and keep the story going!
      Connie Lou for Todd too


  1. Great news about Courtney and Landen joining you in PNG! We will be praying for their move and for you.

    Del and Joanne

    On Sat, Jul 9, 2022 at 12:51 AM Todd & Connie Lou…from Papua New


    1. Thank you so much Del and Joanne! We are so excited to have them join us! Your prayers are so appreciated as they start orientation at MAF US for three weeks and try and get things put together to move across the globe a few weeks after!
      We love and appreciate you two so much!
      Connie Lou – for Todd too


  2. Oh you guys, I am so happy for all of you. What a blessing to have family together. I envy your weekly evening meal and prayer time with your team and wish I could be a fly on the wall, to hear and be blessed too. Love and prayers, Bonnie


    1. Hi Bonnie – we started a ministry instagram account to have the ministry aspect be a little more open and visible to others across the globe. You can find it @tcaebischer tcaeb.png we will be trying to post more often with life from here.
      We so appreciate your love and prayers and know that you rejoice with us that our kids are coming to join us in this ministry! Hugs,
      Connie Lou for Todd too


  3. Thank you for the post….Praise God for answered prayer….Always in His time…..I’m new at sending electronically but I will try thru pay pal for the new teachers (your kids)…..God bless you each onel.


    1. Hi Paulette, thanks for the comment and for rejoicing with us in this exciting adventure! We do so appreciate your willingness to bless the kids in this way! We have started a new ministry instagram account – you can find it @tcaeb.png if you have an instagram account.
      Thanks for all your prayers and words of encouragement – you are a blessing!
      Connie Lou for Todd too


  4. What exciting news! There’s nothing better than to be in service to the Lord and His people with your closest family members. I’m praising Him with you and feel your joy! Beth Vice

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