Collaboration Conference on Church Planting at Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary


Article Written for Nazarene Communications Network

Manila, Philippines:  “Church planting does not take place by accident, it must be birthed from the heart of God and then must be planned!”  This is the theme that is being shared by presenter John Bond, from Australia, as he teaches a seminar this week to over 50 church planters from across the nation of the Philippines and the Asia Pacific Region.  The seminar, being held at Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary April 3-5th, is entitled Dynamic Church Planting International (DCPI) and is a joint venture between the Philippine Field, Asia Pacific Regional Office, and the Jesus Film Program.  Participants have come from 11 Nazarene Districts, three of our Nazarene Colleges (Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary,  Philippine Nazarene College, and Visayan Nazarene Bible College). In addition, 11 Jesus Film Team Leaders are present as well as Field Strategy Coordinators from Southeast Asia, Sea Lands, Melanesia/South Pacific, Philippine/Micronesia, Austrailia New Zealand and Creative Access Fields.

Asia Pacific Regional Director Mark Louw opened the conference by making clear that, “Every church has the mandate to start a new church that will start a new church! We need to be a church that is about the business of growing the Church…we are not as the Church of the Nazarene, independent planters or churches, but we are co-laborers working together as a team to make the greatest impact possible on our Region.
Collaborative effort of this type builds incredible synergy and results not just in the growth of the Church, but in the development of strong disciples of Christ.  Please continue to pray for the Asia Pacific Region as we move forward with this strategy in the days and years ahead!

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