Nazarene Disaster Response heads to Northern Provinces hit hardest by Typhoon Labuyo

Please see the linked news article regarding the relief supplies going to our church families in the Northern Philippines.  While loss of life was minimal, which was a miracle given the power of the storm, home and crop damage was extensive.  Over 120 Nazarene families are displaced due to damaged homes.   See the story.

Posted from Todd while traveling.

2 thoughts on “Nazarene Disaster Response heads to Northern Provinces hit hardest by Typhoon Labuyo”

  1. To my dear brothers in Christ; thank you for the news. But what about you?. Are you ok?. My church sponsor a college on Baggio City. (PCC), and we just received information that the college area is safe.

    God bless you all. Tony&Norma in Christ. “The perfect church service would be one we were almost unaware of. Our attention would have been on God”. C.S. Lewis



    1. We are doing well. The APNTS campus has now been closed for two days due to flooding in the city. One of the professors quit trying to measure the rain fall after it surpassed about 14 inches in the past 36 hours or so. We are receiving much heavier rain here in Manila now than when Typhoon Labuyo made landfall last week. As of this morning there are now two tropical storms and two tropical depressions churning our way – so it doesn’t appear that the rains will let up any time soon.

      Thanks for your prayers!


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