The First 40 Hours of Home Assignment – Picking up Flak!


A preacher once said, “If you wake up in the morning and don’t run into the enemy head-on, then maybe you’re going in the wrong direction. The Bible doesn’t say to ignore the devil and he will flee from you.”  We must stand firm and resist the enemy.  (The Organic Church)

In our office at World Mission Communications, Asia-Pacific (WMC-AP) we have likened this to a battle, when the bombing aircraft are approaching the target, that is when they start picking up anti-aircraft fire (flak) from the enemy troops.  If they are flying along with no threat…they ARE NOT OVER THE TARGET!

Before we left Manila on Thursday evening, we gathered the team (Sean and Tom we missed you guys) and prayed, that this would be a very impactful trip – we were headed out over the target!

Starting from the trip to the airport and continuing on the airplane, we began picking up heavy flak.   From pre-arranged flight details being “un pre-arranged,” despite our printed receipts to the contrary,  to loss of seats and additional charges…things were just getting rolling!  Then our bank, who we have called multiple times to make sure they understand that we live and travel abroad, and who have honored our transactions innumerable times here in the Philippines, decided that of all days, flight day would be the day to launch a “new and improved” fraud dection system, placing our credit cards on hold.  Imagine our pleasant surprise when we tried to resolve the charges situation at the airline counter, only to find that our cards wouldn’t work.  Understanding that this is always a possibility, we make it a habit to travel with multiple options, so break out the hard currency, and then find that there is no change available, but  “you could leave the change as a tip (a very healthy one I might add) so that you don’t miss your boarding!” 

Then head for the security zone and have the pre-security folks decide that you are a good option for increased scrutiny.  As everyone walked past us, we had the opportunity to share the contents of our carry-ons with passersby as we were informed that personal clothes in our carry-ons were not allowed. 

At this point – I just had to pause and realize where this attack was coming from.  This was such a ludicrous statement that (no clothes in the carry-on) I realized only heavy FLAK could be behind it.  I am sure that Connie can attest that at this point, my normally calm demeanor was anything but.  I now had a migraine headache, had been dealing with issues for nearly 2.5 hours, and just wanted to get clear of this terminal…now.  Regardless, whatever the rules are for the day…those are the rules for the day…get use to it!

I started writing this at 41,000 feet, somewhere over the middle east, on a 16 hour 20 minute flight to LAX (these were the 400.00 cheaper tickets) looking forward to being with our churches and family.  We are praying that we will be able to see the battle for what it is, despite what lies ahead.  

Despite all of this, we have had the opportunity to establish a couple of very “ordained” relationships so far on the trip, and I am sure that the enemy is not pleased with these developments.  Great!  He better start running!

On the bright side, I was able to do compassionate ministries right at the airport by distributing my clothes to the service personnel (must keep right perspective here).  “A Connie…did we get the extra insurance on the rental car…we might be needing it.”

— The first 40 hours of Home Assignment 2014….more to come!

Posted by Todd Aebischer

2 thoughts on “The First 40 Hours of Home Assignment – Picking up Flak!”

  1. That is incredible warfare! Sometimes it is difficult to see it for what it is. You called the enemy out and God gets the glory! Thanks for sharing.


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