The Whirlwind trip from Manila to the U.S. and back…thanks for “praying” the way!

What a whirlwind trip we have had since we left the Philippines on May 8th, landing in Los Angeles, California, with a lot of luggage, to meet with our LINKS District Churches. We were blessed by their kindness, friendship and love for us and our ministry!

Action Packers in L.A.
Luggage on the carts at LAX waiting for Todd to return with a rental car.

Then it was off to West Texas for two weeks of Deputation touring, getting acquainted with new friends and with family. Wide open spaces and warm friendly folks made this a very enjoyable time indeed!

West Texas landscape – a different kind of beauty!

And finally to Idaho just in time for our niece’s (Connie’s brother’s) wedding, followed with the marathon scramble to get ready for our daughter’s wedding the very next weekend!  But we did it!

Our niece, Dani Lou, and her new husband Shad.

Communication responsibilities do not stop while we are stateside.  Keeping up with what was happening on our region while in the US was challenging, but we are so thankful that the Lord worked through the details to allow us to continue our ministry responsibilities while on the road.

Recording greetings for World Mission Broadcast wherever we happened to be when we received a request.  Here it was a motel in Wellington, Texas.

Many of you have been praying for my  (Connie’s) older brother Curtis as he has been battling cancer.  We were so pleased to see him looking great and feeling great at his daughter’s wedding! What a huge blessing from the Lord!  He continues to struggle with treatments, drug reactions, and the like, but his faith remains strong!  Your continued prayers for wisdom and healing are much appreciated.

Curt and Dani
Connie’s brother Curt, dancing with his daughter Danielle at her wedding reception.

Our daughter’s wedding was nearly perfect!  What a beautiful bride she was! We were so pleased on Father’s Day to welcome a new member to our family, Landen Ray Kelly, our daughter Courtney Jade’s new husband!

CJ and Landen

From ordering the linens, to prepping the food for the reception dinner, to folding napkins, and cleaning up, so many details to be covered in one short week, but with God’s help, and the help of friends and family, we pulled it off, and it was beautiful!


Once the kids were off on their honeymoon, we went to work returning the rented items and prepping for our own departure back to Manila.  We purchased a few items we cannot get here and packed the action packers, our preferred luggage for overseas travel.

Connie Lou and Action Packers
Connie Lou and the Action Packers

Being financially conscious, Todd found us tickets from Manila to Los Angeles at a greatly reduced rate.  We later realized that the reason for these significantly reduced tickets was that it was the long way around the world!  Instead of going East from Manila to L.A. we went West, passing through Dubai.  Although the Dubai airport is very beautiful, I do not recommend this route as it was quite a trip! Knowing what we were in for on the way home didn’t necessarily make it any easier!

The route we took from Los Angeles, California, to Dubai, passing close to the North Pole.
The route we took from Los Angeles, California, to Dubai, passing close to the North Pole.

We arrived in Manila to a tropical depression, which had significant rain that caused the drains in the terrace to back up, flooding our 2nd story living area.  The young man staying in our house for us had done a great job of mopping up most of the water before we arrived home, but the three of us ended up spending a couple more hours moving beds and furniture to reach the water that had puddled underneath them.  Thank goodness we have all tile floors with just a few small rugs at entrances.  Sorry, no pictures, we were too busy mopping!

We are glad to be home in Manila, fulfilling our calling to go and make Christlike disciples in the nations.  But that does not make it any easier to be away from our loved ones in the states.  Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we seek where God is working here in this region and we follow Him in every area of our ministry and personal lives.

Yours and His for the harvest,

Connie Lou and Todd Too!

6 thoughts on “The Whirlwind trip from Manila to the U.S. and back…thanks for “praying” the way!”

  1. Todd and Connie Lou, We had such a wonderful time getting to know you! I would love to know if there is any need we could meet on another occasion. If you think of anything we could do, let us know. We were so happy to meet you both! I am so glad all the wedding plans went well. God bless you in your ministry and personal lives as well! Cindy and Jeff Galbraith


    1. Cindy and Jeff, you guys were SUCH a tremendous blessing to us! Thank you so very much for coordinating the details for Connie’s dress (she looked absolutely stunning) and for providing a highlight of our time in the states – with Jeff at the base – AWESOME doesn’t come close to describing the morning! We so appreciate your continued prayers. We will definitely stay in touch! Hope to be able to come through Texas again!

      Many blessings,
      Todd & Connie Lou


  2. I was fasinated with your “story” and pictures. I thought I lived a busy life, but, Wow! you two really do. I pray God’s abundant blessings on your work in the Philippines. Your deputation service here in Wichita Falls, Texas at First Church was as good as any I have ever attended–and I have attended “a few” in my lifetime. I am 85 years old. Thank you SO much for what you are doing to win souls. Ruth Davis


    1. Ruth, thank you so very much for your words of encouragement. Our time on the W. Texas district was tremendous! We so enjoyed being able to come through Wichita Falls. We are hoping that this is just the start of many future visits to the W. Texas District! Thanks for being a great supporter of missions, missionaries, and mission services!!

      Many Blessings,


  3. GREAT pictures! We enjoyed having you in Borger, TX ! ! ! ! !!  Ha ha about going to Dubai! Prayers for Curtis and you and all your family. Jackie Zink


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