Updated Prayer Request for Our Nazarene Surgeon in Papua New Guinea!

Dr. Jim, Kathy, and their youngest children Josiah and Lydia.

The Asia-Pacific Team has been requesting focused prayer for Dr. Jim Radcliffe, his wife Kathy, and family.  Dr. Jim (the general surgeon at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital in Papua New Guinea) began having heart issues in May.   It has now been determined that Jim’s heart troubles were likely the result of having had an untreated heart attack, at some point in the past.

Jim and Kathy are currently in the U.S. and Jim has just been informed that he is a good candidate for the necessary heart repair. The surgery date has been set for August 4th. They are asking for focused prayer as multiple tests need to be completed and preparations made in advance of the surgery.

Radcliffe Surgery
Dr. Jim performing a C-Section at the hospital in PNG. Praying for his personal healing so that he can return to his healing ministry!

“We are praying for a quick recovery, the ability to complete our home assignment speaking, and to return to PNG in January,” said Dr. Jim. “Please also pray for the Lord to use this time and to guide us in all the changes of schedules and plans we need to make. We are resting in the arms of Jesus and trusting Him for His healing, in His time and Way.”

Jim and Kathy have served in Papua New Guinea since 1985. The Radcliffes have six children between the ages of 33 and 15.

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