Answers to Prayer…the Journey begins!

Manila Airport
Sitting in the Manila Airport, waiting for our flight to depart. Manila – United Arab Emirates – Washington DC

Connie and I are sitting here in Terminal 1 of Manila International Airport, waiting for our flight to depart for the Middle East and then on to Washington DC.  We will be at the first regional Work and Witness Conference in about 48 hours.  You can see the travel and speaking schedule here.

We are so very blessed!  Quite literally, we have received notes and comments from around the globe from friends and family committing to pray.  God is answering!  Connie’s shoulder is feeling much better.   Her range of motion has increased substantially and the aching pain has decreased.  The blistered area of her eye (the entire sclera – white area) has resolved with the medication.  We are both feeling much better, fevers resolved, and we are ready for the next 4 weeks of conferences and speaking!  God Is So Good…and we are so blessed to have such a tremendous prayer team.  Thank you from the depths of our hearts.

Many of you receive an email each time we post and we don’t want to flood your inboxes over the next few weeks, so we are starting a special page on our site to share news about this trip.  You may follow along as we post praises and prayer requests, but you won’t automatically be sent updates.   Here is the link

The WMC-AP Team as we said goodbye this afternoon before leaving for the airport.
The WMC-AP Team as we said goodbye this afternoon before leaving for the airport.

We would so greatly appreciate your continued prayers for:

1)  Dr. John Mullins, Shauna, and their family (see the specific prayer request).  We are hoping to visit with them in person on September 8th, and to be able to spend time in prayer with these dear friends and partners in ministry.

2)  Kudjip Nazarene Hospital Surgeon Dr. James Radcliffe, as he is scheduled to have a tumor removed on September 9th (see his story here).  Also pray for the rest of the doctors and the team in Papua New Guinea.

3)  Our World Mission Communications Asia-Pacific Team, as they work on many projects over the next couple of weeks.

4)  Our several friends and family members with cancer.  The Lord knows their names and we would appreciate your prayers.

Thank you so very much for being part of our prayer team.  We truly couldn’t be here without you there, praying and paying the price.  Together, we are reaching the Asia-Pacific Region for Christ!


2 thoughts on “Answers to Prayer…the Journey begins!”

  1. Good morning from Ridgecrest and all the good news. The Lord has been very busy answering prayers for you, your physical problems, and preparing the way for your travels. How I wish we were on your list. My prayers continue that the Lord will keep you well and that all of your needs will be met, Irene Jer. 33:3


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