And The Journey Continues…With Purpose..

Connie_Seattle 2Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.  It is Tuesday, May 10, we have found Connie’s favorite spot in any terminal, a place in the sun where she can be warmed.  It’s hard to believe that 8 weeks of our lives have flown past at speeds that even make this pilot’s head dizzy, and we now find ourselves waiting for Delta Flight 167, that will launch us back to our home and family in the Asia-Pacific.

It has been an incredible 8 weeks, where we have touched and been touched by the lives of people in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, California, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and throughout the beautiful Canadian cities of Vancouver, Penticton, Nanaimo, and Victoria.  New friends have been made and we have found once again that no matter where we travel, we find family in Christ!

As we flew from Boise to Seattle this morning, we reminisced at how many times we have packed our action packers with supplies and equipment, walked into terminals, sat at gates, and watched the monitors for the silent reminder that we were minutes away from yet another chapter in our lives.

The fatigue of the weeks taking their toll…finding rest in the terminal.

This morning though, the fatigue of the weeks and the emotion of yet another departure, this time leaving our first Granddaughter behind, took its toll.  As I write, I assume the role that I so eagerly and passionately accepted nearly 28 years ago, that of keeping watch over the love of my life, the friend of my youth, and my forever ministry partner.  Who could have imagined when at the age of 9, rowing her around the ranch pond in my little wooden rowboat, that that would just be the beginning of many such journeys across much larger ponds.  But why???

Sam and Todd praying together before the race.

My ministry partner and brother Sam Tamayo, reminded me of why this past week when he posted 2 Chronicles 7:14  “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

We have a story to tell… a message to share… that there is a living God!  A God who loves us beyond measure, a God who loves us unconditionally.  A God who sent his Son, that even while we were enemies of Him, He died for us!  (Romans 5:10.) A God who is capable of bringing peace, reconciliation, and healing if we will, Humble ourselves, Pray, Seek His face and Turn from our wicked ways.  In the midst of a world without peace, this is the message we must proclaim!


An angel in the garden – baby Noortje

And so…the journey begins once again WITH PURPOSE!  Even as Connie shared, through the tears of leaving baby Noortje behind, we must go.  We must stand in the gap and be messengers, so that other babies, moms and dads, can experience this promised forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing.

Thank you for your continued prayers and partnership with us.  The confidence and trust you have placed in us to be your ambassadors is humbling, a responsibility we don’t take lightly.   May each of us remain faithful and may each of us look for opportunities to live our lives, wherever we are, WITH PURPOSE!



4 thoughts on “And The Journey Continues…With Purpose..”

  1. Beautiful written. thank you for serving Jesus the way you do, I know is not easy leaving your love ones behind. You are in my prayers, safe travels and may The Joy of the Lord be your strength.


  2. Wonderful inspiring words. Have a safe trip. We were blessed to have you at our church for the 2nd time fir Faith Promise & our LINKS family. God bless you both as u continue to serve the Lord. Our prayers are with u & your family.😍

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  3. Nan and I talk about you guys often. It seems like yesterday that you stayed with us here in Amarillo. It’s hard to leave your family , but you have much work to do. God’s adventure for your life continues. There will be another time for family. It is an honor to pray for such great builders of the kingdom!
    God bless you both.
    Mark Haworth


  4. Thank you so much for your lovely letter. Even as your hearts are breaking, it is so evident your love for the mission God has given you still is the priority of your lives. That is why, as I have always felt, that missionaries are a people blessed in special ways that none of the rest of us will experience, and I pray regularly that God’s love and presence will cover you as only He can do.

    May He love you and bless you abundantly, and keep you close to Him in such a way that “transcends” (I just love that word!) all your worries and concerns about having to leave so many that you love; I pray He will be near you in such a way that you will never feel questioning or lonely . . . just loved and watched over.

    Many prayers always,
    Lorri Bradley
    Warrenton, OR


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