So Much for Which to be Thankful!!!

sunsetting_piWell, it’s almost 9pm here in Asia on the night of Thanksgiving.  It has been a full day –  in the office, meetings, chapel service, ministering with team members, answering scores of email.  Now the sun has settled brilliantly into the blue oceans on the western side of the Philippines, as it makes its way to bring Thanksgiving Day to North America. God is good!

I have stopped several times today and pondered how thankful we are.  How thankful that God has given us one more day to serve.


Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord;
    let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.
Let us come before him with thanksgiving
    and extol him with music and song.

For the Lord is the great God,
    the great King above all gods.
In his hand are the depths of the earth,
    and the mountain peaks belong to him.
The sea is his, for he made it,
    and his hands formed the dry land.

Come, let us bow down in worship,
    let us kneel before the Lord our Maker;
for he is our God
    and we are the people of his pasture,
    the flock under his care.

Psalm 95:1-7 (NIV)

Jessie and Noortje were able to come and experience our jeepneys!
Jessie and Noortje were able to come and experience our jeepneys!

Every day is truly a gift from Him.  We thank God for the safety of travel over literally tens of thousands of miles by air, train, jeepney, bicycle, car, and foot.  How many times have we narrowly avoided accidents?  Through it all, God’s protective hand has been with us.

House Bible study.
House Bible study.

We thank God for allowing us to serve in many capacities.  From sharing the story of missions and challenging others to use what God has placed in their hands; their time, talents, skills and passions… to sharing in house Bible studies, or traveling to different countries encouraging, sharing, and teaching.

Connie traveling, sharing, speaking, teaching - Myanmar.
Connie traveling, sharing, speaking, teaching – Myanmar.

Then there is the “outside of the box” ministry that we are so privileged to be a part of.  Meeting at the motocross track each Sunday, sharing the word of God with those who might never enter the four walls of a traditional church.

The Motocross Messiah Fairground Fellowship officially recognized on November 19th.
The Motocross Messiah Fairground Fellowship officially recognized on November 19th.

We celebrate that on November 19th, we were able to recognize the Motocross Messiah Fairgrounds (MMF) fellowship. We are now a recognized organic church ministry!

Tangible hands and feet of Christ during times of greatest need.
Tangible hands and feet of Christ during times of greatest need.

But more than being recognized as a church, we are a faith community that is living out what it means to be the tangible hands and feet of Christ.  To serve our brothers and sisters in their times of celebration as well as their times of greatest need.

Journeying life together. We are so blessed by our Filipino Family.
Journeying life together. We are so blessed by our Filipino Family.

One of our greatest blessings for which we are thankful – YOU!  We are so blessed to have family, friends… faith communities literally around the world who lift us in prayer and partner with us in ministry.  We are continually overwhelmed that you have allowed us to serve as your ambassadors here on the Asia-Pacific Region.  This is an honor and privilege that we do not take lightly.  We couldn’t be here without you there.  Together we are making Kingdom impact.

Connie traveling to share in Myanmar
Connie traveling to share in Myanmar

Today, as you gather together as friends and family, sharing the goodness of our God and giving thanks, know that 15 hours away, across the international dateline, on the other side of the world, we are giving thanks and praying for you!  Thank you for being such a vital part of our team!

May our Lord abundantly bless you and your family during this season of Thanksgiving.

Yours and His for the harvest,

Todd and Connie Lou


4 thoughts on “So Much for Which to be Thankful!!!”

  1. Don’t know why but this message you did on Thanksgiving was in my junk mail & By accident I hit my junk mail button & found it & also 1 other E-mail from another friend? Your letters/notes/up-dates always blesses my heart/soul. My My heart gets heavy at times not being able to attend “my church” & all they are doing. I have visited around here in Lake Isabella but there is just no “holiness preaching”, miss the alter & so much that I have loved in the Nazarene church, especially Ridgecrest. I miss being involved in missions. Doug is changing so much & needs so much of my attention. We had a blessed Thanksgiving with our oldest daughter & husband. They left this morning to go back to Genoa, Nevada. They can drive to Lake Tahoe in about 25 minutes from their home. I’ve been praying & asking the Lord to show me which church would be the best at this point in my life. Right now I can leave Doug for about 1 1/2 hrs and I even feel uncomfortable at that. My sister has Geo Blastoma brain cancer. Don’t know the exact spelling. Had surgery to remove tumor. Pulled her the whole top of her head/skull back. Had to stop chemo & now have her on 5 pills a month. So far she is tolerating it. Finished her radiation. Will have an MRI of her brain on 12-12. This will show if any other tumors are there & spreading. This cancer is very bad & spreads fast. If you think of it, near that time we can use all the prayers. You both bless me as I see your commitment to others on the mission field & where ever you go sharing the love of Jesus to everyone. God called you, you answered & HE always protects & provides for you in so many ways. You have a lovely family and the sweetest granddaughter, Noortje. Sorry for the long text, but great to have a Christian friend to share. One last thing, Pastor Jim & Dolly Goss came up last Sunday & we visited a So. Baptist church in Kernville. They have a new Younger Pastor with a wife & 2 small kids. Lot of varied ages & up beat music. We also ate over in Kernville. To far for me to drive with Doug staying home. He doesn’t understand the message any more & won’t go to church up here except when Pastor Goss comes. He will also go to Ridgecrest as he feels comfortable there. Pastor Goss try’s to see him at least every other month. Bless him for that! Have a blessed Christmas & a joyous New Year. Your friends in Christ, Sandy & Doug Sent from my iPhone



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