Watch Your Language…

Down Under in Australia still:

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Tree Tops Lodge – Guest House where we are staying in Cairns, Australia while studying language

Learning a new language is always an adventure!  We are learning Tok Pisin which, is the trade language used by Papua New Guineans as there are some 800 +/- different languages in PNG!  Luckily for us, Tok Pisin uses quite a lot of English and German words that are spelled slightly different but have very similar meanings to the English and German words they came from.

Here is Genesis 1:1 in Tok Pisin

(Read it out-loud as the sound of it helps you understand the words.)

STAT  1:1

Bipo bipo tru God i mekim kamap skai na graun na olgeta samting i stap long en. 

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A few years ago, Gary and Eleanor Zweigle, from Tumwater CotN in Olympia Washington, introduced us to the Gideon Bible App that has many of the different translations of the Bible in one very easy to use App. The App has the entire Bible in Tok Pisin as well as an audio version of the New Testament.  What a great help that has been to hear the language spoken and read along with it!

Although there are many familiar or similar words, there is a tendency to “Pidginize” English words to make them sound like Tok Pisin which, does not work!  Tok Pisin is an independent creole language that originated as a Pidgin. There are some words that we have been advised not to use! Some words that in English are very common and do not have a negative connotation, and yet their Tok Pisin equivalent can be offensive.  We need to really watch our language!

Friday, August 18th was a Staff Development Day that we were blessed to attend along with the MAF Staff in Cairns and also the folks from Mareeba.

Living Wisdom Workshop

Dr. David Riddell of Living Wisdom, Nelson, NZ, was the presenter and we worked through a lot of helpful information on leadership and making friends with your mind. He explained what that means and how it helps each of us deal with all the different things we deal with. He wrote a book on this and once the dust settles a bit for us, I will have to see if I can download this book!


  • Connie Lou’s new passport with more pages came back this week!
  • VP and Nirmala’s (our colleagues) Visa/Entry Permits were granted this week!

Prayer Requests:

  • Our Visa/Entry Permit process. We are still waiting for the paperwork to be approved so that we can obtain our visas.
  • Please continue to pray for our language acquisition.
  • Pray for VP and our Regional Director as they will be going to PNG for meetings Monday, August 28th to Thursday, August 31st.


We are only able to be here because of the prayers and financial partnership of you, our friends and family!  If you are interested in partnering with us financially, please visit the MAF US Website – Be sure to mark your gift –  Aebischer #8214 

Thank you so very much!

Todd and Connie Lou

15 thoughts on “Watch Your Language…”

  1. And I have trouble just with English 😊, praying for you all, We have a Missionary From Gardendale Nazarene in Papua New Guinea — his name is Don Hunter, of you can meet up with him and keep him and his family in your prayers 😊, God Bless.


    1. Hi Peggy, I met Don when I was there speaking at the NYI/NMI Convention last December! He really is a big help at the Kudjip station! They are blessed to have him! Thank you for your prayers as we tackle this language! We know that as you pray, God hears and responds! Thank you also for taking the time to comment, it means a lot to us to know that folks love and care about us and are lifting us to the Father!
      Connie Lou
      For Todd Too! 🙂


  2. Hi!
    Love the photos and information you post. May God bless you in your new ministry.
    I was discussing this this with friends last night. About in English words in one country can have a totally different meaning in another though its the same language. Also if you learn a foreign language they also have words that mean different things in different places. Language is very interesting.
    I pray God helps you learn and remember and blesses the words you speak.

    Love and prayers,
    Shari Cleveland
    Lone Pine, CA


    1. Hi Shari! Thank you so much for the comment and for the prayer! Yes, languages can be tricky! That is why we not only do our best to learn and understand and practice, but we also ask for prayer as we know that God can intervene and help us where we fall short! We are not alone, and we know that any good we do will only be as a result of the God who created us, working on us and in us to bring about His plans! We continue to pray daily that if the Lord doesn’t go before us, we don’t want to go! We can only do this through Christ who gives us strength and guides our steps and our words!
      Blessings on you and the Lone Pine Church!
      Connie Lou
      for Todd too! 🙂


  3. I’m so glad that the Lord provides for me so I can help in my little way. Love you and praying for you and your fellow workers there where he has called you.


    1. Hi Chickie, You are a huge blessing to us! You have followed us for so many years across so many different countries and ministries, and prayed for us diligently! You are our prayer warrior and we can sense the blessings we receive as a result of your fervent prayers! We thank you for not only lifting us, but the work and the fellow workers in your prayers! We cherish the times we have had in your living room praying with you!
      Together for Him,
      Connie Lou
      for Todd too


  4. I love the title “Watch Your Language.” My Free Methodist Daddy never said “watch your language” as he just took a bar of soap. We 4 kids were more afraid 😳 of that than we were of the strap. He was a wonderful loving father but very strict and he recognized in his older years that he had been too severe especially to my older brother. We all learn as we go through life. Daddy was pastor of the Olympia Church and some of the members lived in Tumwater that was famous for its brewery. I am so excited about you being with MAF and no doubt you will be a blessing as you work with them. Work hard with the new languages. What is your favorite soap? I send you buckets of love ❤️ and prayers from Arizona right now. Grandma Irene


    1. Hi Grandma Irene, Thank you so much for the comment and encouragement. Your love and prayers and stories are always a joy to read. The Tumwater/Olympia are is gorgeous! What a great place to grow up! And yes, our family had a soap policy as well! 🙂 We too are excited to be working with MAF and are very encouraged by the work they do across the globe, reaching the remote, and facilitating the evangelism and care of them. We appreciate your prayers especially with regard to this new language! We know God hears and answers!
      Together for Him, enjoy Arizona!
      Connie Lou
      for Todd too!


  5. Thanks Connie & Todd.

    Our Prayers for you.

    God bless.


    On Fri, Aug 25, 2017 at 10:23 PM, Todd & Connie Lou…from Papua New Guinea…to you! wrote:

    > connieloua posted: “Down Under in Australia still: Learning a new language > is always an adventure! We are learning Tok Pisin which, is the trade > language used by Papua New Guineans as there are some 800 +/- different > languages in PNG! Luckily for us, Tok Pisin uses quit” >


    1. Thank you Tony for commenting on the post and for the prayer! Knowing that our friends across the world are praying as we are here is a great encouragement!
      Together for Him,
      Connie Lou
      for Todd too!


  6. So good to hear from you again.  You sure are getting a great orientation.  When we went to PNG, on our way to the mission from the airstrip we were introduced to a person that our guide told us was the cook for the mission hospital at Kudjip.  In my best newly-learned Pidgin I said to him,”Oh, you are the guy that eats people!”  (Is not “feed” the same as “eat”?)  Apparently not, from his scowling reaction!  Life in PNG is never dull!Wishing you the best in your new adventure.Love and prayers, Barbara


  7. I so enjoy hearing all you guys are getting done in the NAME of the LORD   I just got my email back after a month of not working and I erased everything but your messages…..I will remembre to pray for all your work and bring it up Wednesday to our First church of the Nazarene in Borger Texas……You came to borger once and I’ll always be grateful and remember it……Keep sending    and GOD bless you all


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