The journey to PNG Begins – So surreal – 1st Report

Sunday morning started early at the Boise airport as we began the check-in process shortly after 05:00. Things seemed fairly normal at that point – but that would change quickly. The only way to describe it…surreal.

We had a small farewell with our transport team (Dad & Mom Aebischer, and Todd’s brother Jeff) and then it was down to the gate and onto the plane.

The flight to Los Angeles was uneventful – at least I believe it was. I (Todd) was sound asleep before the plane even pushed back from the gate. It has been a full-court press the last few days, getting everything ready for today’s departure.

Upon arrival at LAX, that is where things were very unusual. Hallways that are normally full of passengers moving between terminals…were empty. Store after store were empty – signs in the windows – this location closed. The normally bustling ticketing and security area at the LAX International Terminal…was markedly empty.

As I write this short post, we are now waiting at Gate 131. Our Visas, quarantine paperwork, Covid test result documents, and World Food Programme (WFP) charter flight documents (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [KUL] to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea [POM]) were all closely scrutinized. Finally we were given the green light and issued the boarding passes, along with our face shields and instructions for boarding. Yes…these are surely different days.

But…while surreal, we serve a God that truly is REAL and has once again paved the way for us. The gate agent at LAX was wonderful, putting everything together so that our bags and boarding passes were all set to continue on the WFP Charter flight from KUL to POM. No having to negotiate a transit desk at KUL. And so…boarding should begin in about 5 minutes…for the next leg of the journey – 15hours 45 minutes.

10 thoughts on “The journey to PNG Begins – So surreal – 1st Report”

  1. Dear Ones, Have been following your surgery, illness, covid and delays through your reports and Wendy and have been talking to God a great deal on your behalf!! So grateful that you are both able to make this journey together after such a looooong separation and so much “unknown”. We know that God does not make mistakes, so the timing is His and our prayer is that the trip, although wearing, will be smooth in all its stages. We love you and appreciate your updates so very much!! Terry and Gwen


    1. Terry – thanks so much for the ongoing prayers!!! It has been a year of challenges but also opportunities to see the Lord’s incredible hand, orchestrating all along the way. This morning as we were praying together we were again just thanking the Lord for the many, many, many, incredible blessings. We have SO MUCH to be thankful for. Family like you and Gwen are at the top of the list!!!!


  2. Glad you’ve made it safely thus far. Oh my! How strange it must be to be practically alone in normally crowded areas. We are praying you through each step. I’m amazed and thankful you were able to sleep on the flight, Todd. That is a blessing indeed.


  3. It’s nearing 11 PM and my eyes give out. I read this message too late for me to take much time. Your messages have been sending my heart ♥️ and mind into your world where you just have to stay well. God’s plans just startle us sometimes at the most uplwlsedyou bunkers or loves you ggygrandma Irene sed psosssiblywellhearrsit cehr ednduwoevooodybedtomorrnexpchrisrmaas I in ri cathuonpetskcubafter sosoobonly godisii m very stectanneeed times a n circumstances I have been praying for in all areas needed. This sleepypill outlinand l feelike im losi. I’m so excigowht it w itforyou ad affththobewholovvvm rinowwknohoyore

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  4. So glad you are on your way. We are praying for a smooth and safe Journey all the way to PNG. Love and Gods Blessings on you both.


    1. John and Lavonda, thank so much for your prayers and encouragement, and for allowing us the opportunity to decompress and refresh at the cabin. That was such a TREMENDOUS blessing!


  5. Glad you are back where God wants you to be. I don’t communicate a lot, but you are in my prayers. Getting older isn’t for wimps, but I’m staying positive and that helps a lot. Love you guys and know you are doing a great work with God’s help.


    1. Brenda – so very good to hear from you!! You have always been a trooper!!! Weathering any storm. Thanks for being “Aunt Brenda” to us and the kids through some of the most challenging days. We love and miss you!!


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