Mid-Day in Mount Hagen – We have Arrived!

The Lord’s blessings never cease to amaze us! Literally traveling almost around the world under Covid-19 conditions has proven to be an experience we won’t soon forget. And neither will we forget how the Lord was with us each step. From transfers, baggage checks, paperwork clearances, Covid test results (in 6 hours versus the advised 24-48 hours) and right up to arrival in PNG. The gate agent in Kuala Lumpur asked us if we would like to move forward in the plane a bit. Sure – why not – this would allow us to process quicker on arrival in PNG…it did…and we were so grateful!!

The weather in the highlands usually deteriorates rapidly each afternoon around 3pm. Due to quarantine restrictions, Connie and I along with another family from World Gospel Mission, were to be traveling from Port Moresby to Mt. Hagen on a MAF airplane, a 2-hour trip. We needed to be airborne by 1pm. Arriving to Port Moresby after 11:00am on the flight from Kuala Lumpur, we would definitely be racing against the clock to clear the health controls, immigration, collect bags, go through customs, and get to the MAF Hangar, the aircraft loaded, and be on our way!

Again, the Lord cleared the way. The first bags off the conveyor belt were ours! As we approached the health desk to work through all of the paperwork to confirm our approvals and quarantine requirements, the lady looked at our passports and MAF shirt and said, “Oh, I’ve been expecting you. I received an email just a little while ago – you’re all cleared!!” (Thank you Sonali – our HR Manager – she was really putting in the overtime). The other family was shortly behind us.

We arrived at the MAF Hangar in Port Moresby and MAF Senior Pilot Mathias Glass had just landed in our C208 Caravan. We were also met by our Port Moresby office team, Leah and Sandra, and by our MAF Administrative Officer, Eric Eribiang, who also happened to be in POM. Together we all were able to get the plane packed and ready to go. As we taxied out I looked down at my watch, 12:45pm, we were well on our way and on time. Thanks team for your TREMENDOUS efforts.

Loading P2-MAL at Port Moresby – racing against the clock and weather!

And so, as I write this we are at 10,000 feet, flying northwest, paralleling the southern coast of Papua New Guinea. We will very shortly turn to the North and head across the lush rain forest and high mountains to our Mt. Hagen base. Looking down, I am beginning to see the winding rivers, muddy but bright, reflecting the broken clouds in the sky, as they make their way through the rainforest, remote villages nestled along their shores. There are no roads down there, only rainforest, foot trails, villages of people, and the rivers. Dengue Fever, Malaria, Typhoid, Tuberculosis, and deadly snakes make their home down there as well.

And that is why we are once again here in Papua New Guinea. To be the wings of hope, the “life line” to the millions of people who make their home in the jungles. Bringing not just medical relief, but the message of God’s love to some of the most remote peoples of the world. Thank you for being part of the team that makes up this vital link!

A final note: Upon landing, we were greeted by our incredible team. We are so very humbled to be loved in this way and in many other ways (groceries in our home, furniture set up, a hot meal delivered in the evening, so many welcoming messages, and much more). It makes us want to serve and love our team even more! May the Lord continue to grant us the grace, wisdom, and perseverance to continue in the task that He has called us to.

12 thoughts on “Mid-Day in Mount Hagen – We have Arrived!”

  1. I havent heard from you guys in sooo long I thought you just dropped me. Thank you for the play by play and a person just has to know the only thing in the world tthat got you both through was the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY……God continue to bless your work and just know you are an example to me whenj I want to give up on something…..What a blessing this story has been to me…..KEEP IT UP

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    1. Sorry Paulette, we’re trying to do better on our communications. Life and ministry gets so busy and I write so much for the mission, that sometimes I fall behind on the personal communications. Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!!! Thanks for continuing to follow along!!! Todd

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  2. Soooo so glad to hear you have arrived safely. Oh my! What a journey. Bless you both. Wish I could hug you long and hard. Hope you know we are loving you and praying for you from here as you transition back to your work there and the local time zone. I’m sure you are worn out. Blessed rest to you both.

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    1. Thanks Beth for your encouragement! We are getting over the jet lag – only woke up this morning at 0400 instead of the regular 0300 🙂 May you have a very blessed and Spirit filled Christmas! Todd


  3. What a delightful letter from you, Todd! I enjoyed the whole trip with you and Connie all the way to Papua New Guinea. Smile. Remember, I heard you and Connie in Wichita Falls. Texas. I live in Oklahoma now at Southern Plaza Retirement Community.. God bless you two as you labor in love for others. Sincerely, Ruth Davis.

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    1. Ruth – thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement. We remember well our visit to Wichita Falls. As soon as I realized how many aviation enthusiasts there were in the church I switched our presentation from mission communications to mission aviation! We had a wonderful time with you folks!!!!


  4. I just got caught up on your journey. Praise God for his provision and blessings.

    I’m glad your trip was safe and fairly uneventful. Glad you’re both well.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Prayers. In Christ’s Love, Shari

    On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 11:43 AM Todd & Connie Lou…from Papua New Guinea…to you! wrote:

    > Todd Aebischer posted: ” The Lord’s blessings never cease to amaze us! > Literally traveling almost around the world under Covid-19 conditions has > proven to be an experience we won’t soon forget. And neither will we forget > how the Lord was with us each step. From transfers, bag” >


    1. Dear Shari,
      Thank you for the warm Christmas Greetings and for all the prayers! We do so appreciate the continued prayers as we seek to serve the isolated here in PNG!

      Todd and Connie Lou


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