Three Days to Go…

Warmest greetings to you from Tarangau 2 (our house) in Mt. Hagen!  I was telling Connie, “Wow…this quarantine time has just ‘flown by’ hasn’t it!!  Seems like just yesterday we arrived and started the fourteen days, now only three days left to go!”  From the look on her face, I immediately understood that our perceptions of quarantine have been a bit different 🙂 .    We do both agree that we are very ready to get out and about with our team and to have guests in for coffee and fellowship.  We’re definitely counting the days!

Thanks to modern technology, I have been able to be pretty much fully connected from the confines of quarantine. Within an hour of arrival I had my desk and computer screens set up and was able to be engaged with the activity on the ground.

Todd participating in a video conference with several staff members.

Due to the pending arrival of new families with various housing needs, Connie and I shifted to a different home. The missionaries who were living in the home before, left quite abruptly due to the concerns related to Covid and our lack of supportive healthcare here in the highlands. This meant that they had no time to pack up their belongings in preparation for their departure. So Connie has been very busy connecting with the couple (who live in New Zealand) getting instructions on what gets packed and how, and then working through the process of making it happen.

Connie Packing Boxes

I (Todd) have been very busy with end-of-the-year tasks. Writing funding proposals, preparing for leadership team meetings, annual review to come, and catching up on things we’ve missed while being out of the country. On the weekends I’ve been helping Connie with the heavier lifting and house maintenance that needed to be done. We’re slowly getting things whipped into shape!

We should be out of quarantine on the 16th and will hit the ground running with a flight to the north coast town of Lae on the 17th for a survey trip to look at options for re-opening work into the Morobe Province.

Thank you for your continued prayers and encouragement! So greatly appreciated!

Many Blessings,

Todd & Connie Lou

10 thoughts on “Three Days to Go…”

  1. Was so pleased to read that your arrival back in PNG was less complicated then it could have been and that your had a great greeting party!! God amazingly answered the prayers of many people on your behalf. He is so good!!
    Sounds like life has been “busy as usual” for you since arriving and that you have worked your way through quarintine time, which helped the time go faster!!!
    We trust that you will continue to be safe and that your work will be rewarding and a belssing to you with satisfaction in days well spent!!
    Love to you both and know that we continue to pray God’s very best for you!
    Terry and Gwen


    1. Dear Terry and Gwen,

      Thank you for the comment and the continued prayers! We so love and appreciate you two! So sorry we never were able to connect due to all the crazy schedules and restrictions. Next time! 😉

      Thanks again,
      Connie Lou and Todd too


  2. So good to hear from you and that you are doing well. We have had many changes since you were here last. I am now the RCNAZ NMI president. Pastor Ken Lewis is our pastor with Pastor Steven Smith as youth pastor and Pastor Stephanie Rogers (one of our own!) In charge of children and women’s ministry. Pastor Gregg Griffin and family moved to Washington and he is the Sr. Pastor at the Nazarene church in Connell WA. I miss them immensely but I also know they are there because that’s where He wants them. God has blessed us at RCNAZ and things are going well despite Covid. Praising God for your continued success in your efforts there. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    In His Service, Beth McCain

    On Sat, Dec 12, 2020, 7:02 PM Todd & Connie Lou…from Papua New Guinea…to you! wrote:

    > Todd Aebischer posted: ” Warmest greetings to you from Tarangau 2 (our > house) in Mt. Hagen! I was telling Connie, “Wow…this quarantine time has > just ‘flown by’ hasn’t it!! Seems like just yesterday we arrived and > started the fourteen days, now only three days left to go!” F” >


    1. Congratulations Beth on the position! I know you will
      Be amazing in that capacity!

      Thanks for the update on the church! We are still in contact with several there and it is always such a joy to hear how God is leading and directing!

      We do so appreciate your message and the continued prayers!

      Connie Lou for Todd too


  3. Thank you for the update. So thankful to God that you arrived safely. Glad you had things to do to keep you busy during your quarantine time.
    God bless you and keep you.


    1. Thanks Regina,

      It was great seeing you face to face while we were home! We sure appreciate your love and prayers! You have followed our adventures for quite a few years- and we so appreciate you!

      Take care and stay safe!
      Connie Lou for Todd too


  4. Thank you so much for the update -we love you and pray for you – so thankful for God’s protection – May Holy Spirit continue to guide you! Merry Christmas! Wayne and Carol

    Sent from my iPhone



  5. Thanks for the update…..We have over a foot of snw here in Borger Texas so we are really “quarantineing” I pray God blesses you continually and keep letting us know how the Lord’s working through you


  6. I have been without a comp since Christmas day….a great grandchild (2 years old ) knocked it over…….I saved your last correspondence so I’d be able to get the new updates so I’m back on line if you put me back on the list….I enjoy the things the King has you do for his Kingdom. God bless you and the work you do.


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