A Blessed Easter Morning – the New Chapter Begins!

Prayer Under The Cross – Easter Sunrise Service – Lizard Butte

I can remember well the many Easter Sunrise Services that we attended as youth with dad, sometimes playing our musical instruments in weather where we had to keep the mouth pieces for our horns in our pockets (between songs) so that they wouldn’t freeze to our lips.  This morning at Lizard Butte, the “Son” rose on a morning that will be burned into our minds.  All of the kids were there, the Landreth families, the Aebischer families, the Smith and Sigman Families, Linda Barrows, and Amber and her family and many others.  The wind was calm, temperature warm (relatively speaking

g), and the Spirit was definitely there.  After the service, we gathered together as a united family on the hill and prayed for God’s guidance and protection over the generations of our families and for safety for this next chapter in our lives and mission.   God has been so good to us, providing protection across miles of oceans and jungles, through wars and disease, and now once again, as we accept this new assignment to Asia.

Nothing is more precious than moments spent with family and as we said our temporary goodbyes at the airport, I was so blessed to have the kids and Connie there.  Thank you to all of you who have committed to partner with us in prayer.  We will do our best to keep this story alive for you in the days ahead so that together, through our hands and feet and your prayers and encouragement, we can make an impact for Christ in the world of the Asia Pacific Region.

Yours and His from somewhere over the Northwest at 24,000 feet.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013 – The Countdown Continues!

The days really seem to be getting shorter.  Connie had a “going away” party at work today and we are both down to two more “official” work days.  I have been working long hours on the computer software, fixing minor glitches and making sure that the IT system is as solid as possible.  Thank the Lord for the internet and the ability to log into the Mission network from  remote locations, so that I can continue to create software patches for the Hands of Hope Management System.   Thank you all for your continued prayers and encouragement.  Connie and I are both blessed to have incredible teams to work with.  The Hands of Hope NW volunteers and staff are truly the very best!

Oh…and we are very excited that Courtney will be coming home from College tomorrow night!  The family will be together for the weekend!

To share God’s love through aviation and technology; seeing isolated people physically and spiritually transformed in Christ’s name.