What is our Jerusalem? The battles rage but through Christ, we will persevere with INDEFATIGABLE resoluteness.

As we look back over the past couple of weeks, we are amazed at the spiritual battles raging across our Region.  The urgent prayer requests from our field have been coming across my desk at an increasing rate (several are listed at the end of this post).   But…with those requests have also come multiple praise reports!  God is at work…we just need to continue walking towards Him with indefatigable resoluteness.

I wanted to take a moment to share a challenge that has been on my mind the past few days, inspired by scripture and thoughts from Lloyd John Olgilvie, “God’s Best for My Life.

What is my Jerusalem?

What Christ has committed to us, plus our commitments to obey, equals our Jerusalem.  Luke 9:51-53

There is a Jerusalem for all of us for which we were born and to which our life is leading. Jesus set His face steadfastly to go to Jerusalem (Luke 9:51) knowing that there He would have to face the cross and die for the sins of the world.

There at the crossroads He had to make a commitment. One road led back to Nazareth, the other to the frowning fortress of His enemies who were plotting His demise. He could have returned home and lived a safe, secure life, instead, He set His face to Jerusalem and the cross for which He had come to earth.

What do you imagine His face looked like, set for Jerusalem? I imagine – Determination, faithfulness, trust, and INDEFATIGABLE commitment to do the will of God.  An unchangeable resoluteness to follow through with His mission.

We all have a Jerusalem. And then little Jerusalems along the way.

Our Jerusalem is whatever prayer has discerned is the Lord’s will for us. It is a symbolic city of reality rather than a wish-dream and easy religion. It is COMMITMENT instead of COMFORT. But we can set our faces to our purpose with joy and not grimness.

Because Christ has gone before us, and now goes with us, we have His victorious presence to give us raw courage. Once we have committed our lives completely to Him, then we are able because He is able. His strength flows through us as we attempt great things for Him and by His power. After He has control of the nerve center of our wills, He can use us to do the otherwise-impossible. Just as Jesus went to His Jerusalem believing in God’s vindication, so too we can live out our commitment knowing that He will have the final word.

What is your Jerusalem?

banner-prayer-web2Here are some major prayer concerns for our region at the moment:  (Links to the articles for more information)

Thank you for your ongoing prayers and partnership with us as together with you, we serve here on the Asia-Pacific Region.

4 thoughts on “What is our Jerusalem? The battles rage but through Christ, we will persevere with INDEFATIGABLE resoluteness.”

  1. Praying for you all, I love getting my post from you guys,hoping that you all get better soon, God Bless You 😊


  2. So many things to pray for, so many praises! Thankfully, God is with us in all things. I will remind our Pastor of these things tomorrow so we can bring you before God corporately. Bless you!


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