Serving Together to Bring Help, Hope, and Healing to Those Many Have Forgotten..

This week has been quite the week! It seems that every day there has not been one, but two or three medical evacuations!

On Friday, 17-September, Our MAF Operations Center in Mount Hagen, received the call of a young man who was gravely ill and who needed to be transported from the remote village of Suki in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea, to the Regional Hospital in Daru.

Plans were immediately initiated. PNG National Pilot, Joseph Tua, was contacted and of course, he was only too willing to come to the airport and prepare the aircraft for a launch to Suki.

Departing Mt. Hagen at 15 minutes past 2pm, under fairly beautiful skies, Joseph flew the one hour, thirty-five minute flight to Suki.

Upon arrival he found a young man who several days prior, had been speared in the abdominal region during a fight. Time was of the essence! Infection had spread, the bowel had become blocked for the past few days, and this young man was in truly critical condition.

Joseph and the village helpers carefully loaded the patient into P2-MEW, one of our new C-208 Caravans, and Joseph was off to Daru, a life critically hanging in the balance.

Joseph loading the young man with the help of the villagers

At 15 minutes past 5 pm, Joseph and his patient landed in Daru. An ambulance was waiting and the patient was whisked away for life-saving surgery.

Had our MAF plane not been there on this day, this young man would have very likely perished. This is why we do what we do! Sharing God’s love each day through tangible expressions; providing help, hope, and healing in Christ’s name!

Thank you to each of our Ministry Partners! We are here on the front lines because you are there, sacrificially praying and paying the price!

8 thoughts on “Serving Together to Bring Help, Hope, and Healing to Those Many Have Forgotten..”

  1. Wow! What a story and good reminder of the reason why you do what you do. Praying for you in all the dramatic as well as mundane parts of your life and ministry. Beth

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  2. Thank the Lord that each person serving Jesus is willing, whenever the Lord calls,ย  to be ready in season & out of season to share Godโ€™s love & help when needed. May the Lird bless your all & Keep you safe in the arms of Jesus๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐ŸŽš๐Ÿ˜Š

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  3. Todd and Connie – We are so proud of you and your continued work for the Lord with MAF! Who would have thought, sitting in our Medford living room for Young Adults Bible Study, that you folks would be used so globally for the Lord? Your dedication and willingness to go wherever God calls has been an inspiration and role model for many! We love you guys!


    1. Craig and Connie – thank you both for being so instrumental in our developing as a couple in those early years!!! There are no coincidences!! The Lord brought our paths together for a VERY specific reason! We are so blessed to have had you in our lives! You continue to be in our prayers!!


  4. Thank you for all you let Christ do through you.ย  I am proud to send money to the MAF whenever I can…….God bless each of you


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